Fripp Island Wildlife

A getaway that takes you to scenic Fripp Island is always something to enjoy. If you happen to be a traveler with a passion for the great outdoors, Fripp Island is a top destination for wildlife viewing while you’re here. From land and sea to the sky above, Fripp Island is home to a variety of species that are sure to inspire!

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Sea Turtles

If you make your way to Fripp Island in the summer or the spring, you’ll be right on time to see loggerhead sea turtles head to the shorelines to nest and lay their eggs. Nesting periods for sea turtles in the area last anywhere from 45 to 70 days and during this time, the “Fripp Island Loggerhead Patrol” will be monitoring the area to protect the welfare of the sea turtles. This is a group of volunteers dedicated to protecting the sea turtle population across Fripp Island. When the sea turtle eggs do hatch, it happens at night and newly born turtles make their way across the sand towards the water in droves. If you’re lucky enough to witness such an event, it’s one you surely won’t forget.


The skies and shorelines of Fripp Island are home to a plethora of bird species that are thrilling for bird-watching enthusiasts from near and far. More than 80 bird species have been reported across the island and its marshes. While you’re here, there’s a good chance you might spot everything from blue herons and pelicans to egrets, ospreys, and bald eagles. The inlets provide prime nesting and foraging grounds for many shorebirds including painted buntings, screech owls, white ibis, and oystercatchers.


Whether you take time to snorkel or book a fishing charter, what’s below the waves around Fripp Island is as intriguing as the land-based wildlife. The fish that are typically encountered here include cobia and sea bass as well as Spanish mackerel and sea trout. Crabs and shrimp abound as well in these waters which are also home to a population of sharks.

Land Mammals

As you explore Fripp Island, you’ll likely come across deer roaming freely amongst the forests of pine and oak. Beach dunes and grassy areas near the shorelines are also popular places for spotting deer if you’re looking to get your eyes on these peaceful creatures.


What type of wildlife is on the island?

Fripp Island is a designated Wildlife Sanctuary and as such, it’s a prime place to spot everything from deer and shorebirds to sea turtles and raptors alike.

How do I safely view wildlife in the area?

The best path to take when viewing wildlife is a wide one. Keeping a distance from animals is always highly recommended and if you’re around sea turtle nests, be sure to follow instructional signs on maintaining your space. Fripp Island lagoons and tidal pools do host alligators from time to time so it’s best to avoid these areas where crabbing, fishing, and swimming are always prohibited.

From a distance or alongside a local guide. If you’re watching a sea turtle hatching, there will be signs indicating safe distances from nests and flash photography should always be avoided.

Where is the best place to view wildlife?

Nature tours through the Nature and Activity Center are the best way to view wildlife and learn more about the many species that call Fripp Island home. The center also offers programming and camps throughout the year.

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