Your Guide to Fish on Fripp Island

Fishing is a fantastic and popular way to spend time when visiting Fripp Island. Whether you’re experienced or new to the sport, the waters here offer up exciting options when it comes to reeling in something thrilling. Whether you’re up for an offshore adventure or inshore fun, you’ll find fishing to be a great way to spend time during your stay.

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Species You Can Reel in During Your Visit

The waters that surround Fripp Island are rich with multiple species of fish that you can potentially catch when you set out on an angling journey. The time of year plays a role in the likelihood of what you’ll reel in, but the possibilities are seemingly endless when it comes to opportunity. The type of fish that are often caught in and around the Fripp Island area range from flounder and sheepshead to sea trout, cobia, sea bass, Spanish mackerel, sharks, and beyond! Anglers have no shortage of selection when it comes to customizing their time on the water according to what they’re looking forward to catching in Fripp Island. In addition to the many fish species that call these waters home, you’ll find that there are ample options for crabbing and catching shrimp here as well.

In fact, it’s been a recently recorded influx of shrimp in the area that has only increased the number of species anglers are reporting as catchable. These include an increased number of redfish and black drum in the area. The rising number of shrimp is also drawing in speckled trout and flounder in higher numbers, giving anglers a chance to enjoy successful catches using topwater lures.

Those who focus their attention on fishing the inlets and creek mouths of Fripp Island, particularly around current breaks will enjoy improved chances of catching redfin, black drum, and flounder while areas like the surrounding reefs and wreck sites are popular for those who are looking to reel in black sea bass and bluefish too. Just off the beach and near the reefs, anglers with their sights set on Atlantic sharpnose sharks will find them biting regularly.

Important Rules and Regulations to Note

When you head to Fripp Island to fish, do keep in mind that the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources is asking anglers to keep an eye out for the invasive Northern snakehead fish. This species is not to be released back into the water and if caught, be sure to call local SCDNR officials to report it. Anglers will also want to note that a fishing license is required for harvesting marine resources including oysters, clams, shrimp, finish, and crab. Those 16 and up must purchase a specified fishing license if they don’t plan to stay exclusively on a public fishing pier or on a licensed vessel or charter as well.

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