South Carolina Islands: How to Explore These Fantastic Coastal Gems!

Coastal South Carolina is one of the most unique and beautiful places in the United States. Warm weather, sandy beaches, and palmetto trees define our local islands, but there is so much more to them than that! This blog will explore the South Carolina islands surrounding Fripp Island. We’ll cover everything from how to get there to each Island’s activities. Experiencing the islands is just the start! For even more ideas for a Lowcountry vacation, download our Vacation Guide! This guide is the key to an unforgettable getaway. Now, let’s head to the islands! 

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South Carolina Islands 

Saint Helena Island

Saint Helena Island borders Fripp Island to the north. Saint Helena Island is known for being home to several restaurants, seafood markets, and historical landmarks. The Island is known for giving visitors a glimpse into rural Lowcountry life. The descendants of enslaved people define the local culture. These people carry on many of the cultural traditions of the area. This includes the Gullah language and the local shrimping and fishing industry. Visitors can step back in time and retrace the steps of South Carolinians from centuries ago! 

Lady’s Island 

Lady’s Island is perfect for shopping, dining, and outdoor adventures. The Island is located west of Saint Helena Island and is ideal for a day! Grab breakfast in the morning, hit the trails in the afternoon, and end the day shopping at the many boutiques and small businesses. The charm and relaxed feel will keep you returning to Lady’s Island for years! 

Hunting Island

Are you looking to lose yourself in the natural beauty of the Lowcountry? Another must-do experience is Hunting Island! This Island is located north of Fripp Island and offers a stunning State Park. Hiking, biking, birding, and camping are just some of the activities that visitors can enjoy in this park. Be sure to snap plenty of pictures as you venture to the many sites at the park. You’ll see lush greenery, waves crashing on the shore, and native wildlife along the way! 

Parris Island 

Parris Island has seen American history unfold from our nation’s earliest days. The Island is home to the Marine Corps Recruit Depot. French, Spanish, and English settlers laid claim to this land over the centuries, and when America was born, the Island became the setting for many significant events. In the early days, plantations dotted the landscape. After the Island was captured by union forces in 1861, and several years to follow. Congressman Robert Smalls worked to make the island home to a U.S. military installation. This came to be in 1891, and since then, the Island has welcomed thousands of marines every year for training. This Island is perfect for those looking to glimpse South Carolina and U.S. history! 

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