The story of Fripp Island began in the early 17th century when Capitan Johannes Fripp, a sea warrior, defended Beaufort from French and Spanish invaders on behalf of the British. In return, he was given the island known as Fripp’s Island. Over the years, Fripp Island has remained relatively undeveloped and continues to be enjoyed by visitors year after year.   Palmetto tree

Today, Fripp Island is known as a relaxing destination with picturesque beachesworld-class golf, and endless natural beauty! If you’re looking for an escape into another world, the island has just what you want. Our island is the most seaward island of any in South Carolina, so immerse yourself in the many outdoor activities that make this island so unique.  

Outdoor excursions are in no shortage! There are ways to explore both land and sea, from golf carts and bicycles to kayaks and skiffs. This special island is a private resort for guests and residents, so you will truly feel like you’re in a secret paradise!   

Escape to Fripp island!