The Paddle Shack is located at The Fripp Island Marina between the Bonito Boathouse and Peg Legs. For questions, booking, or more information please call 843-962-3328!

The Paddle Shack is the one-stop destination for an unforgettable Fripp experience! Offering a wide array of rentals from serene kayak excursions to exhilarating paddle board adventures, the Paddle Shack has everything you need to explore the waters in style. Whether you're looking to book a guided boat tour to discover the hidden gems on the waters or just want to freestyle on the waves, we are here to ensure your day is packed with fun. Dive into the ultimate adventure day with the Paddle Shack; the tides of adventure await!

For Paddle Board Lessons - Call for pricing at 843-962-3328

Paddle Shack Offerings

Available Retail Offerings:

  • ​​Beer
  • Snacks
  • ​Hats, tee shirts, water shoes
  • ​​Surf tackle
  • ​Sunscreen

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