Fripp Island vs. Hilton Head 

Planning a vacation with a firm focus on sand, sun, and surf is a breeze for travelers who make their way to the scenic South Carolina coast. Rich in history and brimming over with beautiful places to explore, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to customizing an itinerary that fits your travel style perfectly. The hardest part can be narrowing down your options with so many wonderful coastal locales to pick from. If you find yourself wavering between a Fripp Island or a Hilton Head stay, the following could help you decide depending on the type of vacation you’re looking to enjoy.

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Fripp Island

Travelers who head to Fripp Island will find themselves enjoying a private resort stay sprawling across more than 3,000 acres of coastal terrain. Here, you’ll indulge in oceanfront living in a community that sits well within reach of historic Beaufort and Charleston is a great option for a day trip. Fripp Island is home to nearly 4 miles of shoreline to explore and enjoy and hosts an impressive game and bird sanctuary as well. Wildlife watching here is ideal thanks to stunning populations of everything from heron and osprey to deer, alligators, shore birds and beyond. Fripp Island enjoys a semi-tropical environment year-round making it an all-seasons stop for travelers looking to unwind and relax, far from the hustle and bustle of life. It’s a great place for swimming, boating, dining in style, and slowing things down to savor the view too. If you’re a history buff, you’ll love that Fripp Island was named for the swashbuckling Captain Johannes Fripp who was gifted the island in the 1700s by King Charles of England. It’s rumored that to this day, the island could potentially be home to buried treasure left behind by Fripp and his men.

Hilton Head Island

Those who spend time on Hilton Head Island will find it’s a beautiful place to spend time too, but typically comes with a bit more of a high-energy vibe. Hilton Head Island beaches tend to be fairly crowded during high travel season and the waves are often a mecca for high-energy watersports like jet skiing. The island is home to world-class golf courses that draw in crowds, and there’s no shortage of options when it comes to fresh seafood stops. From the biking and hiking trails to the scenic parks and beaches, Hilton Head Island is a great place to come and spend time exploring. It sits about 45 minutes from Savannah giving you access to bigger city experiences when you’re looking to expand your itinerary.

Travel at Your Preferred Pace

While both Fripp Island and Hilton Head are beautiful and inspiring destinations to explore, those who are looking to slow things down, relish the moment, and relax far from the crowds will often find Fripp Island to be a better fit. The private resort lifestyle here makes it simple to indulge in tranquility at your very own pace. Here, a day of fishing is ideal but you can just as easily settle into the sand and savor time under the sun. Fripp Island offers the peace many travelers crave while its proximity to places like Beaufort just 30 minutes west means you can pick up the pace with ease if you want as well. Ultimately, it’s the best of both worlds.

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