Fripp Island, SC or Tybee Island, GA

The barrier islands of South Carolina and Georgia continue to grow in popularity, providing a cozy beach experience without all the complications that often involve travel to distant islands. Most barrier islands are accessible by car and although they are easily accessible, once you have arrived, it is easy to forget that the rest of the world exists, especially when your final destination is Fripp Island, South Carolina. Our neighbors in the Peach State may be more familiar with Tybee Island but we encourage you to consider Fripp Island for your next beach vacation.   For more information on things to do on Fripp Island, download our Fripp Island Vacation Guide.

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The Similarities are Numerous 

Fripp and Tybee Islands share many similarities. Both are easily accessible and offer pristine beaches and plenty of water activities. Tybee Island is known for its lighthouse, a black and white structure providing safe harbor to the boats that traverse its waters as well as a lot of steps for tourists to climb to see the views from the top.  Although Fripp Island doesn’t offer its own lighthouse, visitors can explore the near by Hunting Island Lighthouse. Both destinations are roughly the same distance from to Atlanta.  Tybee is 265 miles from Atlanta while Fripp Island is 287 miles from Atlanta.


The Differences are Plain to See 

While Tybee Island and Fripp Island share many of the same experiences, if you are looking for the seclusion and amenities of a private resort style community, Fripp Island Resort may be your choice.  With two golf courses, a Racquet Club complete with both tennis and pickelball courts, an equestrian center, an activities center for kids and several pools, Fripp Island Resort has amenities that can’t be found on Tybee Island.  Add to that miles of trails for bikes and hiking, Fripp Island offers year-round experiences for nature lovers.  Once you arrive on property you can leave your car parked for the entire stay as many guests navigate the island via golf cart or bicycle.  If you are looking for exciting nightlife, Tybee Island certainly has more options.  Fripp Island has a slower paced nightlife but does offer several on-site restaurant options for the times when you don’t want to cook on your vacation. Fripp Island is also a prime wedding destination for couples who want a Southern beach wedding. 

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