Land’s End Light : A Lowcountry Ghost Story

You can’t venture into the South for long without hearing a ghost story or perhaps seeing a ghost itself, especially in South Carolina’s Lowcountry. Our history is a long and storied one where the past often tangles with the present and our dead often seem to try to avoid being forgotten by making their presence known in a variety of ways, starting with the Land’s End Light. The hauntings that take place at Land’s End Road on St. Helena Island are one such example, an example we can not debunk with science and facts.

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What is the Land’s End Light? 

Land’s End Road is a road on St. Helena’s Island that leads travelers past an infamous tree, a tree that is reputed to be a site of several tragedies dating back to the 1860’s.  Unsure which victim, the end result is that of a restless spirit roaming on Land’s End Road, lantern in hand, seeking closure. It is this spirit, whoever he may have been, that is the topic of speculation, the guest of honor for ghost hunters visiting from all over the world and if you choose to explore yourself, you will soon see why the road is one of the more haunted spots in a state known and revered for its spirits and ghosts. 

What to Expect 

Land’s End Road curves cuts through the island landscape, shaded by ancient trees that grow so thickly, they obstruct views of the natural landscape, even in the daylight hours. At night, the darkness is complete, the trees blocking out the light of the moon and when you wait long enough at the end of the road, the spot where the road actually ends, the only light you may see is the light of that lantern. 

A Stop at the Baptist Church 

If you are making the drive yourself, it will be easy to find the hanging tree, just ask anyone in the vicinity on St. Helena’s Island, everyone knows where it is. It will be suggested, however, that you stop at the Baptist Church found at the intersection of Bermuda Bluff and Lands End, knocking on its door to awaken the restless spirit that roams freely through the trees, forever in search for his missing head. We can’t promise that you will find the ghost and see the light, but we do believe your chances are better if you do stop at the church. 

No Ghosts Here 

No matter what your feelings are on spirits and hauntings, after your experience at Lands End, coming back home to your Fripp Island Resort really will feel like coming home and we can promise that there will be no ghosts to be found. Reserve your favorite vacation rental today!