How to Spend Your First Day of Vacation at Fripp Island Resort

Perhaps the most exciting part of any vacation is its first day. Checking in to your vacation rental, choosing the room that you will call your own over the next 7 days, unpacking and eagerly awaiting the moments when you can first step on the sandy beaches you have been waiting to bury your toes in for so long. There is so much to see and so much to do, you may be tempted to try to do everything on that first day, but at Fripp Island Resort we recommend pacing yourself. Choose one or two items you have been dreaming about and spend the first 24 hours really getting a feel for all the area has to provide.

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Simple and Smooth

If you have ever had to wait in Disney World’s long lines trying to check in to your room, only to arrive at the front desk to discover they lost your reservation, you will greatly appreciate the smooth simplicity of our keyless entry check in at Fripp Island Resort. All the information you need will be included in the welcome email, and because we don’t require keys or key cards, you won’t have to worry about losing the only way you have to get inside your home sweet vacation home.

Pick a Room, Any Room

The first moments inside our beachy escapes will more than likely be filled with the choosing of your bedroom, experimental bounces on our soft beds, and explorations of everything hidden behind cupboard doors and inside closets. It is a fun way to familiarize yourself with the place that will bring you comfort, relaxation, and luxury.

Stocking your Shelves

Chances are most of your meals are going to be enjoyed at local restaurants, including the ones on the resort property (the grab and go meals available at Island Bites will definitely come in handy) but you may want to grab some snacks, beverages, and other necessities at the local markets, including the Marina Market on Marino Drive, offering all of the above, plus many of the sundries that you may have forgotten to pack. More details on where to shop to stock the fridge can be found here.

Explore the Island and Resort

One of the most exiting parts of your vacation will be taking a trip to scout out the island and Fripp Island Resort.  Leave the car parked and explore Fripp Island in true Low Country vacation style via a golf cart.  Make sure you pick up your golf cart rental on the first day so your crew can find the resort pools, the Racquet Club and nearest dining options.

Hit the Beach

Now that we have the errand segment of your first day of vacation sorted out and you have explored the island and resort it’s time for a visit to the beach. We know you have been waiting a very long time to feel your toes in the sand and as your first day begins to come to an end (never fear, you have many more days waiting to unfold) your first sighting of a South Carolina sunset is destined to become one of your most cherished memories. The kiddos running ahead, laughing as each wave splashes against their ankles, legs, and eventually their entire body, and you and your favorite traveling partner strolling hand in hand in their footsteps. Stopping in your tracks as the sky turns to fire and the sun finally drop beneath the sea waters, stunning even the tiniest of travelers, this moment right now is the one you will remember forever, the one that symbolizes the beauty of the beach, the island, and the joy you took in your South Carolina family vacation.

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