Visiting Fripp Island in March

The promise of spring is an unbreakable contract on Fripp Island as the temperatures begin to rise, the flowers begin to bloom, and the pristine beauty of our sandy beaches shine bright under the spring sun. March signifies that summer’s carefree days are growing ever closer, but perhaps the best part of visiting Fripp Island in March is the lack of crowds; tourist season has not yet begun and you will have a laidback adventure that will be elevated to the next level of wonderful simply because you followed this guide and you chose Fripp Island Resort for your seasonal sanctuary!

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Still a Little Cool

With temperatures sneaking up into the high 60s, chances are visitors won’t want to swim in the chilly waters that surround our island, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying sunrise walks along shore’s edge or if this getaway is about relaxation and rest sunset walks along the same sandy shores. On days when spring showers aren’t falling (and there will be plenty of those) the not so hot temperatures make hiking a popular activity and the Fripp Marsh Trail may offer chance encounters with local wildlife, including sweet does and their shy fawns, so keep your camera ready.

Your Tee Time Awaits

Golf is a popular South Carolina activity and is the perfect activity when visiting Fripp Island in March. Fripp Island Golf Resort offers 2 championship courses for you to get your tee on. Ocean Point, designed by George Cobb and offering 5 seaside holes that will probably distract you with their stunning beauty and Ocean Creek, a private course that can be played by guests, a Low Country beauty with it’s signature 6th & 7th holes located on the Old House Creek and marsh.

The Activity Center, 8 Veranda Beach Road

Explore the nature programs offered by the Activity Center on Fripp Island, offering an up close and personal examination of the wildlife that inhabit the island, including meet and greets with gators that are safe, exciting, and an adventure your kiddos will love. Also offering sunrise and sunset kayak tours, birding adventures, beach eco tours, and another adventure your children will love, the husbandry helper experience. Lasting an hour, the husbandry helper assists nature center staff with their animal chores, learning all the ways each animal needs a different type of care and in some cases, handling the animals the Activity Center uses as ambassadors. All of these spring adventures will cost an additional fee, with 10 dollars being the common per person cost for guests 4 and older.

The Easter Bunny Comes to Fripp Island

In 2024, the Easter Bunny arrives on March 31st, so if an Easter break is in your plans, we offer a variety of Easter activities, including a Spring Family Fling, dying Easter Eggs, and more fun than you can ever have in your own home!

Fripp Island Resort’s Seasonal Sanctuaries

Our resort properties are destined to be an integral part of your March vacation experience, offering comfort, relaxation, and luxury to all who stay within. Reserve your favorite escape today and welcome spring the right way!