Most Convenient Groceries Stores for Your Fripp Island Vacation

We’ve come a long way since the early days of travel, no longer having to live with our entire families in one sterile hotel room, sharing 1 bath and being forced to eat out every meal. Today’s travelers know the luxury of space, of comfort, and of enjoying fully equipped kitchens, staying in on nights they just want to explore the amenities of their vacation homes and creating the family meals they love. And as you arrive  for your stay at Fripp Island Resort, the first stop you may want to make is at the grocery store, and this list will give you an idea as to where the best are located.

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Springtide Market

1 Tarpon Boulevard #104, Fripp Island, Open 9-5 Every Day

Located just a few miles away from your Fripp Island Resort sanctuary, Spring Tide offers a little bit of everything for everyone who walks in its doors. Serving as a liquor store, souvenir shop, and offering a taste of the town with a selection of local specialty foods, it also includes a small deli for those days you don’t want to cook, but you just don’t have it in you to go out.

Marina Store and Deli

Bonito Drive, Fripp Island, Open 7-5 Every Day

As you can imagine, the marina store is where you can find pretty much everything you need for soothing a sunburn, feeding a snacking urge, or enjoying a cold and refreshing beverage and our Marina Store offers all that and so much more. Pick up a souvenir tee to bring home from your vacay or grab a sandwich to take with you on your boating explorations and live your best life on Fripp Island.

Publix Supermarket

61 Lady’s Island Drive, Beaufort, Open 7-10 Every Day

Until now we have been focusing on snacks and sandwiches, but to fully stock your pantry and fill your refrigerator with your favorite food and drinks, a trip to Publix is in order. Offering same day delivery and curbside pickup, you can let the staff at Publix do your shopping while you concentrate on beach days and perfecting your tan. Holiday travelers may want to consider ordering their Thanksgiving or Christmas feasts, just needing to heat and eat and saving a whole lot of work.

Food Lion

10 Sams Point Road, Beaufort, Open 7-11 Every Day

Food Lion doesn’t provide delivery services, but it does offer great prices and pick up services for those who would rather not bother with learning their way around a new store. They also feature a yummy deli and a floral department if you would like to add a touch of color to your Fripp Island sanctuary during your stay.

Come Home to Fripp Island

Be sure to stop in Island Bites for some grab and go prepared meals before finally, heading home to the comfort and relaxation offered in our Fripp Island Resort vacation rentals. Reserve your favorite today!