Fripp Island Resort: A Family Friendly Beach Destination In South Carolina

As you start the planning for your upcoming South Carolina vacation there are a few things you may discover. First of all, South Carolina is one of the best vacation destinations in the country and there are so many places you want to visit and along with that, there are an equal number of resorts and vacation properties all vying for your attention. Fortunately, you also discovered this page, home to the Fripp Island Resort, one of the most family friendly beach destinations in the South Carolina and as you explore carefully, you may decide that Fripp Island Resort is the place for you. This guide to all we have to offer will give you a more in depth look into our resort and more things to anticipate in the days, weeks, and/or months that lead up to your South Carolina getaway! 

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Say Goodbye to Crowds 

Don’t you hate when you visit a beach so crowded you struggle to find towel space and the waters are so filled with people they look like ants at a picnic? South Carolina is a popular vacation destination and many of the resorts, islands, and towns will offer the above experience, especially if you visit during the summer, but Fripp Island Resort, with all its amenities, luxuries, and beach front properties, still maintains a low key vibe. Our private, gated resort keeps the crowds to a minimum giving you plenty of space to comfortably enjoy the beach and amenities.


Toes in the Sand 

The first thing on most traveler’s bucket list is a visit to the beach and even as you and your family still haven’t unpacked, there is no greater joy you will feel than the one experienced while running down the wood boardwalk, preparing to bury your toes in the white sands of our 3.5 mile long pristine beach. There aren’t enough words to describe the serenity, the awesomeness, the wonder of standing at shore’s edge, feeling cool waters curl round your ankles as your toes dig into the wet sand underneath and the sun shines down on you and your favorite traveling partners. 


Resort Amenities 

There is a reason resort life is so popular and Fripp Island Resort offers a plethora of amenities that will make you happy your family landed here this vacation. From the Nature Center which offers adventures your kids will be thrilled to experience, to the resort pools (yes there are multiple pools, all enjoying island vistas and relaxing vibes) to the tours and expeditions we offer for in depth explorations of the beauty of Fripp Island, every day will be filled with excitement and fun.


Dad will enjoy his tee times at two separate courses, Ocean Point and Ocean Creek, Mom will thrill to the shopping adventures she can enjoy right here at the resort, and the Racquet Club provides the perfect spot for the entire family to learn the game of pickleball; there are 6 pickleball and 8 tennis courts found here! 


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Fripp Island Resort is a short drive from Beaufort and is one of the best family friendly beach destinations in South Carolina. Our rental homes offer a private and peaceful vacation experienceExplore the historic sea island in Beaufort County and relax in the evenings listening to the ocean. We can’t wait to welcome you to the South Carolina Lowcountry! 

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