How to Pack the Perfect Beach Bag

Is your beach vacation just around the corner?  Have you purchased a great tote for a practical yet stylish trip to the beach? Well, here are some tips and hints for how to pack the perfect beach bag for your next outing. We know you will be spending more time with your toes buried in the sand than not, so this guide to what you should include in your beach bag will help you be well prepared for your beachy adventures. 

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Sun Protection

Staying safe in the sun is a must and so are these essentials.

  1. Sunscreen
  2. Sunglasses
  3. Hat
  4. Lip Balm

We won’t spend much time discussing the above listed items, because they are rather obvious, but everything listed above is vital to the success of your beach-capades, as is remembering to reapply sunscreen frequently to avoid that uncomfortable and unattractive lobster skin look. Additionally, if you have ever spent much time at the beach, you know what the salt water and air can do to your tender lips, making lip balm (with SPF) almost as important as the sunscreen. For additional sun protection you may also want to consider bringing a beach canopy.  Consider the Shibumi Shade.  It’s lightweight and easy to set up.



Many beach goes today love to enjoy music while relaxing on the beach.  If that’s you, here are some items to consider. If you are the type of person who wants to disconnect from the world and just take in the sounds of the ocean and kids playing on the beach (we totally get this!!) then you can skip these items.

  1. Earbuds
  2. Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  3. Cell Phone
  4. Water & Sand Proof Phone Case

Cell phones are magical creations, allowing us to bring entire libraries filled with books and music anywhere we go, but do you really want to risk ruining your expensive phone with water, sand, or salt? Of course you don’t and there is a  whole line of products that will allow beachgoers to use their phones safely at the beach; the company Aqua Valt has a particularly nifty phone case that even comes with a neck strap for hands free carrying. 


Other Items to Consider

Here are a few more items to consider when packing your perfect beach bag.

  1. Book
  2. Portable mini safe
  3. Cover-Up
  4. Your favorited flip flops
  5. Beach towel

Consider a cool mini safe that will hold keys, cash, driver’s licenses, and credit card, in case you want to head to a beach bar for a rum runner and a snack. A cover-up and flip flops should probably be added to your bag as well. 


Always Something New on the Horizon 

Once you have packed the necessities listed above, you should be good to go, but there are always new things popping up on the horizon that could make your experience easier or fun. Maybe a Handheld Water Misting Fan for those extra warm days, a sand remover that will wipe the sand off your skin, even a small beach table that can provide a surface to hold your drinks and snacks between sips and bites.


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