A Local Secret: The Sands Beach in Port Royal

The beauty of a South Carolina vacation spent on Fripp Island lies in the realization that you are going to spend a lot of time with your toes buried in the sand. A beach vacation is always a good idea in our humble opinions and when you choose Fripp Island Resort for your home sweet vacation home, you will find its proximity to all the beaches makes it even more desirable. And because crowded beaches can be a bit of a bummer when traveling in high season, today we invite you to explore the charms of the Sands Beach in Port Royal, one where the locals go and the tourists don’t always know about, giving you a true South Carolina experience you will appreciate forever. 

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Just 30 Minutes Away 

Yes, there are closer beaches, but the Sands Beach offers something a little different and the drive from Fripp Island to Port Royal is always a scenic one, in any case. Sands Beach is the only beach in the state on which you can drive, park your car not far from the water’s edge and have a picnic in your front seat without having sand get in your sandwich! The beach is a smaller one, but it is free and open to the public, and because it is kind of a hidden gem, it is easy to stake a claim on your own section of the sand. The Sands Beach offers a boat ramp, so feel free to launch your boat from here and is also known as a great spot for those on the hunt for shark’s teeth, something that will keep your kids occupied for much of your time. The boardwalk on this local beach takes visitors on a tour of the quintessential Lowcountry landscape and provides a great vantage point to take it all in. 


Wear Your Water Shoes  

The beach is perfect for sunbathing but be sure to wear your water shoes if you are planning on frolicking in the water. Battery Creek can be rocky and scattered with oysters, neither of which will feel comfortable on bare feet. Popular with families, it can also be the ideal spot to fly a kite on a windy spring day or to build sandcastles with your favorite traveling toddler at the shore’s edge. Picnics (in your car or on a beach blanket out in the open) are another time honored tradition that often take place on The Sands Beach and walking along shore’s edge, feeling the water curl around your ankles as your toes squish into the wet sands, will give you time to contemplate the joy you are feeling during your unforgettable South Carolina vacation. 


The Tranquility Continues 

Sands Beach closes at sunset and after you have watched the sky turn to fire, coming home to the tranquility offered in a Fripp Island Resort vacation home will give guests the perfect ending to a perfect day. Reserve your favorite today!