Experience the Seclusion of Pritchard’s Island, SC

Life can be chaotic and loud, leading us to feel as if we are constantly in turmoil and rarely feeling any peace, which is why vacations to quiet spots are so popular. We need the down time, the quiet moments when we can hear our thoughts and feel our feelings, and sometimes the best way to obtain those moments is through visits to places of natural beauty, places such as Fripp Island and the uninhabited barrier island known as Pritchard’s Island, SC. Located just south of Fripp Island Resort and reachable only by water, your time spent exploring the wildlife that inhabit the landscape will touch your soul as the beautiful expanse of sand and sea heals your heart. 

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Slow Down and Breathe 

One of hundreds of barrier islands that lie along the coast, Pritchard’s Island, owned by the University of South Carolina has been used as a research station for scientists studying beach erosion, the migratory habits of birds, and the charming but seriously endangered loggerhead turtle. There are no homes, no stores, and perhaps more importantly, no restrooms on the island, but there are acres of pristine beaches to be explored and a serenity that will make visitors fall in love. Accessible only by boat, a popular Fripp Island activity is to rent kayaks and paddle over in the early morning hours, feeling the sun on their shoulders as they make their way to the island’s shorelines. For many years there was an abandoned research building perched on the sandy shores, used by scientists and college students to collect the important data they needed, but when funding slowed, the building was abandoned, and eventually taken apart piece by piece and disposed of, leaving nothing but a faint silhouette of what used to be. 


The Feeling of Adventure 

Although there is a high probability you will run into other intrepid explorers during your time on Pritchard’s Island, SC, there is an equally high probability that you won’t, depending on when you visit. And having been the sole explorers of the island many times before, we can tell you that your feeling of adventure will be high and the solitary serenity of the area will make you feel as if you and your fellow kayakers are the only people left on earth. Walk along the sandy shores, shores that are no longer as expansive as they once were due to erosion, watching the sea birds land steps ahead of you only to lift their wings and fly away as you approach. During nesting season, you may see many depressions in the sand that indicate you have discovered the nest of a loggerhead turtle and although you are free to take as many photos as you like, we ask you to steer clear and let nature take its course, hopefully bringing the numbers of turtles back to a safe percentage. Like the Boy Scouts promise, it is important that you leave the island better than you found it, trekking out any garbage from your picnic lunch or that you might happen upon in your explorations. 


Back to Civilization 

Fripp Island, while still naturally beautiful, will offer all the comforts of home, including air conditioning, electricity, and of course, restrooms, making it the perfect spot to end another beautiful day in paradise. Reserve your favorite Fripp Island Resort rental today!