Visit These Lighthouses Near Fripp Island, SC

There’s a special appeal to lighthouses, drawing travelers to their structures like the shiny beacons they are, offering a backdrop for Christmas card photos and bragging opportunities for visitors to tell the world that they climbed all the steps inside. Maybe it is their heroism that makes them so attractive, knowing that these stoic structures have saved countless lives, simply by shining a light on rocky waters or maybe it is the romance of the lighthouse keeper’s stories of isolation and storms, but even if we never completely understand their draw, they will continue to be places we travelers love to visit. And because the perfect South Carolina vacation should include a lighthouse or two, we at Fripp Island Resort have created this guide to the lighthouses that are near Fripp Island, SC.

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Hunting Island Lighthouse

South Carolina is home to 8 historic lighthouses in total, with the Hunting Island Lighthouse, located at 2555 Sea Island Parkway, St Helena Island, being the closest one to Fripp Island. Located just about 7 miles away from us, this wonderful structure painted in black and white, has stood in the same spot since 1859 and offers 167 steps to the top. Guests can use it as a backdrop to their family photos and selfies simply by driving over the Harbor River Bridge on US 21. 


Haig Point and Bloody Point Lighthouses 

Both of these historic lighthouses are located on Daufuskie Island just 26 miles away from Fripp Island, with the Bloody Point Lighthouse offering a look that is totally unlike anything you would expect from a lighthouse. Named for the Indian battles that took place there in the 1700s, its tower resembles a squared off turret climbing out of the keeper’s house, framed with wood planks and offering what appears to be a widow’s walk at the top where the light rests. Haig Point Lighthouse also retains a similar style. Daufuskie Island can only be accessed by boat with a ferry making regularly scheduled trips from Hilton Head Island and Bluffton. 


Hilton Head Island Lighthouses

  • Leamington Lighthouse, 53 Leamington Lane, Hilton Head- Built of cast iron in 1807, only the tower, a brick oil house, and a water cistern remains, but it is worthy of the 64 mile journey, especially to take in the sight of one of South Carolina’s oldest oak trees planted in the area. 
  • Harbour Town Lighthouse, 149 Lighthouse Road, Hilton Head- Located just over 65 miles from Fripp Island, the Harbour Town Lighthouse is a newer one, built in 1969 and made of stucco painted a striking red and white. 


All the Comforts of Home 

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