Explore the Old Sheldon Church Ruins

If you have ever visited or lived in Europe, one thing you may have noticed that is very different from here is the abundance of ruins that dot the landscape. You can be hiking along a path through a meadow of green grass and wildflowers and suddenly, the crumbling ruins of an old home, church, even a castle may block the views of the pristine landscape adding excitement and history to your explorations, but in America, that is rarely the case. In South Carolina, however, the Old Sheldon Church Ruins, located less than 50 miles away from the comforts found in your Fripp Island Resort escape, is the exception to this rule, offering visitors a chance to experience the history and serenity that accompanies what is left of this historic structure.  For more information on things to do around Fripp Island, download our Fripp Island Vacation Guide.

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Located on Old Sheldon Church Road in Yemassee, South Carolina 

Road trips can add fun and fancy to your vacation experiences and a road trip to the Old Sheldon Church ruins can give travelers a deeper understanding of the rich history of our Southern state. Originally known as Prince William’s Parish Church, this historic structure was built before America became an independent nation, somewhere between the years of 1745 and 1753. Unfortunately, the history of this stunning structure is a fiery one with the original church being burnt to the ground by British troops during the Revolutionary War and the rebuilt version suffering the same occurrence during the Civil War, with General Sherman being the culprit the second time. 

In a Field of Mature Oaks 

Today, all that remains of the stunning church is the red brick columns and exterior walls offering empty arched holes where we imagine that stained glass windows once shone with their bright colors reflecting on the landscape below. The church, however, offers more than a stoic beauty, tucked away in the shadows of mature oak trees, as the crumbling walls also protect the final resting place of Colonel William Bull, and the grounds surrounding the church still hold graves and tombstones of those who passed while the church was still active. Additionally, the idyllic setting creates a wonderful backdrop to the annual worship service that is held here every year, taking place on the second Sunday after Easter, and is also a popular site for weddings.  

Whispers from the Past 

In the South, if a home or church is NOT haunted we are actually quite surprised and yes, there are still spirits that often make their presence known at the Old Sheldon Church, making it a popular spot for ghost hunters. Footsteps are heard, apparitions have been spotted, and in one memorable case, one of the graveyard’s female denizens was spotted weeping over the grave of a child; it isn’t known whether that child was hers or if she was simply a kindhearted soul grieving for someone else’s mother.  

No Ghosts Here! 

If this kind of talk worries or frightens you, we can reassure you that your Fripp Island Resort vacation home is most assuredly not haunted and will offer the idyllic respite you seek during your South Carolina vacation. Reserve your favorite today!