Hwy 21 Drive-In


It wasn’t all that long ago that the world was going through a very frightening pandemic, with stores, restaurants, and offices shutting down for our health and safety, and although those dark days are behind us, there are still some ways the pandemic changed our world forever, in ways that are surprisingly positive, considering the circumstances. A large section of the workforce still works from home, enjoying the no-pants lifestyle we grew accustomed to, online shoppers fill our grocery orders and bring them out to our waiting cars, and drive-in theaters are experiencing a resurgence in interest. In some cases, however, that reinterest has been a continuing thing, as is the case with the Hwy 21 Drive-In that promises to bring you a nostalgic joy during your South Carolina getaway and stay in our Fripp Island Resort serene sanctuaries. 


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Located at 55 Parker Drive in Beaufort 

We low country residents hold on tight to our traditions and a night at the drive-in is the perfect example. Hwy 21 Drive-In has been open since 1978, providing family friendly viewing experiences and countless date nights for dewy skinned teens falling in love for the first time and during your visit, the nostalgia associated with a drive-in date will put a shine on your vacation that won’t ever be forgotten. Offering 3 screens, each playing first run shows, they are open year-round Thursday through Sunday, with their concession stand providing the yummy foods you remember from your youth, including hot dogs and funnel cakes. Every night is Double Feature night and the already low entry fee you will pay covers both movies, ensuring this is an activity that will fit into any vacation budget.  


Couple at drive-in

Do you Remember? 

Do you remember those summer nights from your youth, the tinny sound of speakers squawking out the movie dialogue throughout your car, the sound of children’s giggles as they played on squeaky swings until it was time for the cartoon to start. The smell of popcorn and hot dogs, the laughter of giddy teens trying to be cool, and the sight of more than a few steamed up windows. These moments may have changed with the times, Hwy 21 doesn’t offer swings, but they do provide a few playground “rides”, and to be honest we can’t remember if the movies start with a cartoon anymore, but the feels are all the same. Your kids will still struggle valiantly to stay awake through the end, just as you did all those years ago, and the concession food tastes just as delicious today as it did back then. The best things in life deserve to continue to exist and our deep-seated happiness over the continuation of the Drive-In experience will never lessen. 


Families Love Us 

One more family tradition that we wholeheartedly approve of, is, of course, that of a family vacation spent living the good life in our Fripp Island Resort serene and tranquil sanctuaries. Reserve your favorite escape today and discover all the ways South Carolina and our welcoming abodes will make this vacation one you wish never had to end.