Cypress Wetlands: A True Lowcountry Nature Experience

One of our favorite things about the area we live in is the natural beauty that surrounds us. Not just the sea waters, their waves crashing against the beach, the serenity burrowing into our souls, but the countryside with moss covered oaks, the homes that rise from the landscape, hinting at happy families residing inside, and the feeling of times long gone experienced when exploring Cypress Wetlands, a protected area that features swampy waters, local wildlife, and many walking trails that allow us to explore the area to our heart’s content. If your summer journey brings you to Fripp Island for a stay in our resort, this guide to the Cypress Wetlands will give you a peek into another strangely wonderful world. 

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Located at 1700 Paris Avenue in Port Royal, Open Daily from 7AM until 8PM 

Wetlands are by definition an area of land permanently saturated by water, but there is so much more to the definition. They offer a distinctive ecosystem in which birds and other wildlife make their homes, it provides a runoff area for excess rain in stormy seasons, and actually helps to remove anything polluting those waters before they make their way back to the sea. The Port Royal Cypress Wetlands, offers all of the above but just as in the definition, there is so much more to explore. This protected area will expand your knowledge of the importance of the birds and animals that live here, perhaps giving you a greater love for this part of nature, and the trails that run through will give you easy access to some of the most beautiful pictures you will ever take. 


Step into History 

With the exception of the boardwalks that cut across the swampy waters, when you step inside Cypress Wetlands for the first time you will discover a world in which time seems to stand still. The native wetland trees (cypress and Tupelo) are filled with the sights and sounds of birds at home creating a raucous arrangement that drowns out the rest of the world. Maybe your walk will let you snap a pic of a snowy egret taking flight against the blue skies or maybe, off in the distance, you will notice the smooth glide of an alligator, only his reptilian eyes and a few lumps and bumps appearing above the surface of the water. The wildlife and birds that make Cypress Wetland their homes and the trees, bushes, and other flora that are protected as well, are a beautiful example of natural beauty that has been given a helping human hand, making this park one that the world looks up to and in many places, tries to emulate. 


So Much to Explore 

Also offering an amphitheater and on the 4th Friday of the month, walking tours led by the most knowledgeable of naturalists, your time in South Carolina will be enhanced by a visit to this natural wonder and the comforts and luxuries of our Fripp Island Resort summer sanctuaries will offer the perfect complement to your more rugged adventures. Reserve your favorite vacation rental home today!