Best Tours Of Beaufort


Sometimes when we travel we really don’t know what we are going to do when we get into town. We don’t know the area and unlike major cities such as New York, Paris, or Venice, not a lot is written about the town and so we go in blind, fingers crossed, and hoping we don’t miss anything important. We at Fripp Island Resort have been in this situation many times over the years and have learned that simply by signing up for a few of that towns tours, we can catch the highlights and go back later to explore its more interesting (to us) aspects later; this guide to the best tours of Beaufort will introduce you to one of South Carolina’s most beautiful towns, one that just happens to be located minutes away from your Fripp Island Resort sanctuary. 


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Southurn Rose Carriage Tours, 1002 Bay Street, (843) 524-2900 

Can you really say you have been to any South Carolina city if you haven’t taken a horse drawn carriage tour of its hot spots? Beaufort continues the age old tradition of carriage tours with Southurn Rose, narrated by knowledgeable guides and led by pretty ponies that often make themselves a part of the tour. Exploring history has never been so fun, so relaxing, and so heartwarming thanks to the horses that will earn a starring role in your touring adventures. 

Tales of the Lowcountry, 1002 Bay Street, (843) 812-2924 

Tales of the Lowcountry offers one of our favorite Beaufort tours, a Ghost Tour that takes participants through the oldest cemetery in town and past the tavern where the pirates were once patrons. Telling the stories of those who are no longer walking among the living, some of whom may have met tragic ends, and we can tell you, those stories are juicy! The tour takes place in an air conditioned vehicles, so you will stay cool in the warmest months of the year. Also offering historical walking tours, Tales of the Lowcountry is the tour company you never expected. 


Kelly Tours, (843) 473-7107 

Last but definitely not least, Kelly Tours offers a variety of adventures geared towards individual likes, including the Beaufort Tipsy Tour, which explores the history of Beaufort while exploring a couple of local watering holes and the Beaufort Land and Sea combo tour, showing visitors all that is wonderful in town and on the waters that surround us. Their Beaufort City Walking Tour is a popular one, spent exploring the historic architecture as well as the scenic views that are similar to the ones you may have noticed through the windows of your Fripp Island Resort summer sanctuaries. 


All Roads and Waterways Lead Back to Fripp Island Resort 

Beaufort is truly a beautiful city and your explorations will make you fall in love, but your obsession will always be the serenity and beauty found on Fripp Island and the comforts discovered in our wonderful vacation havens. Reserve your favorite escape today and fall in love with the South in ways you never thought possible.