The Full Fripp Island Bucket List to Inspire Your Beach Vacation

There’s so much to enjoy on Fripp Island, but there are a handful of can’t-miss activities that are sure to make your vacation unforgettable! From exploring the beautiful waterways around the island to even stepping outside the island boundaries, here are ten things that should have a spot on your Fripp Island bucket list 

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The Best 10 Things to Put on Your Fripp Island Bucket List 

Experience World-Class Golfing 

Thousands of travelers make their way to the Lowcountry each year to enjoy the incredible golfing that Fripp Island offers. With two world-class golf courses, you can spend your vacation days on the green at Ocean Point and Ocean Creek. Whether you choose to play a quick round of nine before hitting the beach, or take your time and appreciate all 18, you’ll love indulging in the stunning scenery of the courses and the wonderful challenges they present. We also offer golf instruction classes to help you brush up your game or even teach the youngest members of your group to play your favorite craft.  

Visit the Hunting Island Lighthouse 

While the Hunting Island Lighthouse is just over the bridge, it remains an iconic landmark to locals and visitors to the area. In fact, it was even added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1970. Although it’s no longer used as a functioning lighthouse, it’s still a wonderful place to visit for the natural beauty surrounding the structure, and of course the wonderful adventure you’ll have while getting there! Plus, it’s a great spot for family photo-ops.  

Enjoy a Kayaking Tour 

There’s nothing quite like exploring the intercoastal waterways of Fripp Island! Surrounded by a complex network of marshes, creeks, and streams, you never know what you might come across! Kayak rentals are available through the Activities Center, as well as guided tours depending on the time of year. This is one of the best ways to possibly spot wildlife around the island!  

Spot a Dolphin 

Speaking of wildlife, a sighting of this magnificent creature deserves a spot on your bucket list! Spotting a dolphin on Fripp Island is quite common, but it might require a bit of luck. We recommend exploring boat rentals at the Fripp Island Marina for the best chance, but you never know what you might see unexpectedly while gazing off a pier or paddle boarding around the island.  

Shop in Beaufort SC 

While Fripp Island offers plenty of entertainment opportunities, we can’t ignore Beaufort, SC, nearby offering a variety of wonderful activities for visitors. If you’re hunting for a great souvenir to remember your vacation, Beaufort boasts a wide variety of shops where you’ll surely find something that catches your eye. Explore our favorite Beaufort shops before you go. Plus, you can enjoy even more things to do in Beaufort while you’re there. Don’t forget about this gem right outside Fripp Island!  

Catch a Movie at the Highway-21 Drive-In 

What could be a better way to create memories on a warm summer evening on Fripp Island? This classic activity is one that you and your family will never forget! Head to the Highway-21 Drive-In with your crew to catch the latest film playing from the comfort of your car. Even better, grab some blankets and pile in the back of the car for a better view. Movies are always family-friendly! 

Ride Horseback on Saint Helena Island 

Make the short drive to Camelot Farms on Saint Helena Island to enjoy horseback riding through the Lowcountry. With winding trails covered by large oaks decorated by hanging moss, no scene could be more authentic to the Lowcountry! Enjoy the rich history and beautiful sights all while riding horseback through the unique trails of Saint Helena. 

Explore Hunting Island State Park 

While the Lighthouse is one of the most well-known features of the area, there’s so much more to explore at Hunting Island State Park. You can enjoy a variety of beautiful nature trails, as well as things like birdwatching and saltwater fishing.   

Walk the Beach at Sunset 

There’s nothing like a Fripp Island sunset to finish your day in the best way. After enjoying a delicious dinner, maybe even with a cocktail or two, head down to the beach to watch the sun fall behind the beautiful coastal homes while feeling the waves crash into your feet.  

Attend a Wedding on Fripp Island  

Have you always dreamed of a beach wedding? If so, this last bucket list item couldn’t be more appropriate. You need to attend a Fripp Island wedding, of courseFripp Island weddings boast a certain level of beauty and romance that’s nearly impossible to attain with any other venue. With multiple venues available for both the ceremony and reception, the bride and groom can make their wedding exactly what they’ve dreamed. There’s no better place to tie the knot in South Carolina! 

Find Your Beach Vacation Home at Fripp Island Resort 

No matter how you choose to spend your beach vacation, you can always be sure that Fripp Island Resort will provide the best rentals that provide your family with a safe and comfortable getaway experience. Find rentals with convenient beach access, private docks on the marsh, community pools, outdoor grills for classic summer cookouts, and even pet-friendly accommodations to ensure you don’t have to leave out the most important member of your family! The possibilities are endless on Fripp Island 

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