Best Beach Reads This Summer

There is a magic that happens when you find yourself at the beach on a day with no other plans in mind. Lying under an umbrella that provides just the right amount of protection from the rays of the sun, the salt air kissing your cheeks as the waves of the Atlantic crash against sandy shores creating music that speaks to your soul, and in your hands? A new book by your favorite author just waiting to be read, adding an extra shine to your Fripp Island Resort getaway when it also happens to take place in the area or even better... be written by one of our favorite lowcountry authors! 

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These Authors Know How to Capture the Lowcountry


Mary Alice Monroe 


There are some authors that you don’t have to know what their next book is about, but you do know that you are going to buy it simply because of the name over the title. Mary Alice Monroe, also known as the Queen of Beach Reads, (her Beach House series is one of our favorites) is one of those authors, writing books that reflect the magic of the Lowcountry, while also introducing us to the importance of wildlife preservation, especially the sea turtles. Also a writer of novels for the younger generations, many, if not most, of her books feature the beach and its wildlife inhabitants in starring roles, but don’t worry, there is generally a romance going on too. 


Mary Kay Andrews 


The Mary’s seem to have it going on today, with Mary Kay Andrews as the next author we will be talking about today! Living at the beach, writing about the beach, and developing characters who never claim to be normal, her books are the ones you open and finish in the same day; not because they are short, but because you can’t put them down until they are finished. Of course, then you are mad at yourself for reading them so fast, unwilling to leave her worlds and return to real life, but she is a prolific writer, so we can promise there will be many more to read! (Be sure to check out Hello Summer, if you haven’t already) 

Books on the beach

Karen White 


Although she was born in London and lives in Georgia, Karen White’s lowcountry books will grab your attention, especially her Tradd Street series that takes place in Charleston. Perfectly reflecting the charm of Charleston, as well as the eclectic nature of the people who live there, this series also delves into the spirit world, as the quirky main character is reluctantly able to “see dead people” if we may steal a phrase from a famous movie. 


Dorothea Benton Frank 


Sadly, this fabulous low country author passed in 2019, but her books are her legacy, one that stands the test of time. Sullivan’s Island is one of our favorite books, featuring a courageous and quirky feminine lead, one so personable you will find yourself wishing she could be your friend. If you haven’t read any of Ms. Franks books, adding them to your reading bucket list will not be something you regret. 


A Passion for our Lowcountry Roots 


Each of the authors listed, whether they are born and bred in the lowcountry, show their passion for the area we call home and the places you read about in their books may very well be the places you visit during your South Carolina explorations and your stay at Fripp Island Resort. Reserve your favorite escape today!