Why Fripp Island Is Perfect for Your Pickleball Vacation In South Carolina


Every so often a new sport comes along that takes the world by storm, kitesurfing (which combined two favorite activities, flying kites and surfing) Stand Up Paddle boarding (which actually started out as an ancient way of sneaking up on your enemies during war) and the latest obsession and topic of today’s conversation, pickleball. You can’t go anywhere without seeing, hearing, or playing this beloved sport. Being on vacation gives players even more time to play, especially during your pickleball vacation in South Carolina. This guide to playing all the pickleball you can handle, as well as a peek into other activities you can enjoy during your South Carolina getaway will let you start filling in the blank lines on your vacation itinerary. 

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Not as New as You Might Think 

Just as paddle boarding has a long and rich history, pickleball has been around for many decades, with the first documentation of the sport taking place back in 1965. It took until 1984 for the first rulebook to be published, and although pickleball was popular in a few states, in the early 2000’s it seemed to explode, becoming popular in all 50 states, especially among the AARP crowds. Today, everyone has their favorite pickleball paddle and court and yours may end up being one of the six courts we offer at the Fripp Island Resort Racquet Club, located not far from one of our Fripp Island vacation rental homes. 


Play More 

If you are a fan, the six pickle ball courts at the Racquet Club are going to be your home away from home, offering almost unlimited opportunities to play, with our guests receiving a 20 percent discount off the $26 per hour court fees. If you didn’t BYOP (bring your own paddle) paddles can be rented alone ($5.00 per day) or in entire pickleball packages that include 4 paddles and 2 balls ($15 per day.) Appropriate attire is required, meaning no tank tops for men or exercise clothing for women and flat soled tennis shoes are the only ones allowed on the courts. Pickleball lessons, clinics, and round robins are also provided at the club, so if you have never played before or are looking to increase your skills, you can do that as well. 



Also Offering 

Tennis has always been and will always be a sport that retains its popularity and the Racquet Club also offers lessons for children and adults with 8 fast dry clay courts available for rental. Tennis racquets are available for rent ($7 per day) as are ball hoppers which can hold both tennis and pickleball balls ($7 per hour) and ball machines ($25 per hour) ensuring that every minute spent at the Racquet Club will be fun for every member of your family, whether you play tennis, pickleball, or both! 


More Amenities to be Discovered 

A vacation on Fripp Island spent doing all the things you rarely have the time for in real life can be exactly what your soul needs, especially when you come home to our Fripp Island Resort retreats, filled with luxury amenities and all the comforts of home, every evening of your stay. Reserve your favorite today!