Come and Be Amazed by the Animals That Call Fripp Island Home!

Fripp Island is a wildlife sanctuary, literally! Our island is protected, and many animals call the island home. There is an abundance of animals living in the area, both terrestrial and aquatic. In this blog, we’ll explore wildlife on Fripp Island and how you can interact with these incredible creatures! Fripp Island wildlife is only one aspect of our fantastic island! For even more Fripp Island discoveries, unlock our free Vacation Guide and get access to the top sights and local attractions. Let’s explore! 

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Fripp Island wildlife 

What animals live here? Loggerhead Sea Turtles

Fripp Island is home to a variety of wildlife. Alligators, snakes, turtles, fish, birds, and much more! These animals are essential to the ecosystem, making the island special. Many of these animals can be seen just by walking around the island, others are more unique to spot, and you might only catch a glimpse! 

Where to see wildlife 

Viewing the animals on Fripp Island is easy. Remember, if you see a wild animal, do not approach them. They like to keep their distance and not be disturbed. Viewing wildlife from afar is always best when you’re out and about! However, some experiences can be up close! 

Beaches and Salt Marshes 

One of Fripp Island’s best places to see wildlife is the beach! Watch Brown Pelicans sail in the sky and dolphins swim just off the shore. Native and visitor shorebirds flock on the sand, and plenty of fish swim in the sea. The beach here offers some of the most spectacular sights in South Carolina. 


Salt Marshes are home to several species as well. Visitors can spot Great Blue Herons, egrets, storks, and more! Walk by any of the local marshes, and you’ll likely see one of these animals. 

Audubon Trail

Fripp Island is home to the Fripp Island Audubon Trail. This trail is specifically designed for wildlife viewing, so it’s a great way to spot animals in their natural habitats. The trail features various bird and animal species, native plants, and trees. It’s an easy walk and makes for a peaceful experience as you take in the views of Fripp Island. 

Nature Programs 

The Fripp Island Resort Activity Center is a great place to learn more about Fripp Island wildlife through exciting and interactive programs! This is great for any age, so bring the whole family! Our nature programs include Fripp Island scavenger hunts, ecology classes, and a Fripp Island Wildlife Boat Tour! Learn about Fripp Island from the experienced staff at the Activity Center. 

After learning about Fripp Island wildlife, stay at Fripp Island Resort 159 Ocean Creek Blvd

Our resort is the perfect place to immerse yourself in nature and have easy access to wildlife hot spots! Our island is only accessible by residents and visitors staying on the island, so there are no crowds here. Enjoy beautiful vacation rentals on the oceanfront and oceanview. We even have rentals with golf carts, so you can explore the island at your leisure! Stay with us and escape into nature! 

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