Vacation Rentals Week

Celebrating Vacation Rentals Week, March 4-8, 2024!

The vacation world has evolved into one where renting vacation homes makes far more sense than staying in hotel rooms, and Vacation Rentals Week, taking place March 4th -March 8th, 2024, is a celebration that pays homage to the changes. We at Fripp Island Resort are excited to be joining in the fun for the fourth year and we invite you and your family to come see what all the fuss is about, enjoying a wonderful time on Fripp Island and a comfortable and luxurious stay in our resort escapes as you do. This guide will explain a little more in depth just what the week is all about, so pull up a chair, pour yourself your favorite beverage, and prepare to be wowed! 



Open to All

This week, vacation property management companies, vacation home owners, and you, our favorite guests come together to celebrate the advent of vacation rentals. Do you have to visit South Carolina to be a part of the celebration? Absolutely not, you can choose to celebrate at home, participating in web events or simply posting your party pics online, tagging them all with the hashtag #VRW2024, showing the world that you too support “the cause.” But, if you do decide to visit, you will discover all the reasons property management companies have made vacationing fun, safe, and exciting, perhaps sharing your experience online as you do. 


Why Vacation Rentals?

As a guest, vacation rentals are a great alternative to hotels in every aspect, offering you much more for your money, with additional space, privacy, convenience, and amenities included. Along with this added value, your options are constantly increasing as the industry itself experiences rapid growth each year. This means there are more available properties, more variety, and more destinations to choose from.

Vacation rentals also present you with a unique opportunity to create a more personalized, memorable vacation experience when compared with traditional hotels. You’ll have the practical comfort of an actual residence and the ability to explore the neighborhood. Vacation like a local when you discover aspects of your destination you might not encounter when staying at a hotel. If you’re vacationing with a group of family or friends, vacation rentals are an excellent option, typically offering multiple bedrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and easy access to local entertainment.



I’m Thinking of Renting my Property

For property owners, renting your second property through a professional manager can be an easy and reliable revenue source, which transforms it into an asset that offers a significant return on your investment. You’ll also be able to use the property when you choose, spending your own vacations there with family or friends, while renting it to guests the rest of the year.

A professional vacation rental manager will handle all the logistics. Let them secure responsible guests, and maximize your return through an expert understanding of the industry and in-depth knowledge of the local community. They’ll also advertise the property, handle inquiries, collect deposits and balances, generate agreements, and follow-up post-rental, so you can sit back and simply enjoy the experience.

Finding a vacation rental to book or a professional manager to represent your property is fast and easy. Our friends at the Vacation Rental Management Association (VRMA) provide a free search tool to locate property managers and their available properties worldwide. If your property is on Fripp Island, visit our Property Management page for information about our program. Find a vacation rental or professional manager for your property and get started in this exciting industry today!

If you would like to join Fripp Island Golf & Beach Resort and get involved in Vacation Rental Week, visit the Vacation Rental Week homepage to download the toolkit, and help spread the word about professionally managed vacation rentals. Be sure to join the conversation on social media as well with the official #VacationRentalWeek hashtag.