Pledge the Pink

Frippin’ it with Pledge the Pink

When I first heard Pledge the Pink was coming to Fripp this fall I didn’t necessarily think much of it, it seemed more of another event to organize and plan for.  Then Laura Morgan, the founder of the event, came out for a luncheon to announce to members that Fripp would be hosting one of the days’ ten mile walk.  She was passionate and full of energy, it was infectious and certainly made everyone take interest in what she had to say.  I quickly realized it wasn’t just her passion and her energy that made this event possible, it was the whole organization, every single member was crazy (in a good way) about Pledge the Pink and what it meant for them.

I began to follow their Facebook page and was quickly flooded with pictures of flamingos (their mascot) and stories of women all over the country touched by breast cancer who were sharing their own daily struggles and triumphs.  Pledge the Pink itself was one of their favorite times of the year to get together and dress up in crazy pink and flamingo inspired clothing and walk 30 miles over three days.  A challenge for most ordinary people and something most would avoid doing, was something this group, touched by cancer, counted down the days and hours for.   This is something I am proud to have a small role in helping pull off this fall.

A Lowcountry Tradition

For those unfamiliar with the cause, it is a Lowcountry event that takes place annually in the fall.  Participants from all over the U.S. (and 16 countries this year) descend on the Charleston and Savannah airports in the fall and make their way to the race destination.  Last years race took part on Hilton Head, Daufuskie, and Callawasie Islands and had around 1500 participants.   The goal of the three-day event is to walk ten miles, each day, at one of the locations.  Members spend all year fundraising for the organization and communicating online from all over the United States so this is their opportunity to meet each other and build camaraderie over similar struggles and walk 30 miles over three days.

Of course, the local communities also tend to get involved in the festivities, and we hope we can replicate that here on Fripp as well.  In a lot of the other communities, homeowners will decorate their yards and as walkers pass by cheer them on and give encouragement.  Bottom line is we are thrilled to host this event! Knowing that those involved will be from all over, creating national exposure for Fripp, we need to show them just how much fun we can be.

For more information about this wonderful event, you can visit their website here at Pledge The Pink. The event will be held 26th of October through the 28th and will come to Fripp for the 26th and will then travel to Bluffton and Hilton Head.  If you’re looking for a fall getaway, this would be a great weekend to head to Fripp and spend a few hours encouraging these “Flockstars”. Hope to see you here cheering them on this October!