Lands End Beach

A beach vacation is something everyone has dreamed about at least once and your South Carolina vacation at Fripp Island Resort promises to give you multiple opportunities to make your dreams come true.  Today we want to take you on a tour of one of our favorite, yet lesser-known beaches, Lands End Beach. Located on St. Helena Island, Lands End Beach offers a slightly different experience, while still providing fun and adventure for all who visit. 

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Located at 116 Land’s End Road 

For those who have heard about the Land’s End Light, the ghost that roams the wooded areas off Lands End, never fear, the light tends to stay away from water’s edge. But what you will find on Lands End Beach is 1500 feet of beach with a maritime forest within view. Not as crowded as some of our more well-known beaches, it can be accessed through the property of Fort Fremont, a military installment built in 1899, and promises to be one of many highlights from your South Carolina getaway. When the tide is low, it is a great spot for fishing but may be your favorite spot for walking along sandy shores especially as the sun is rising in the early morning hours, assuming you feel like waking that early. 


What to do on Lands End Beach 

The only rule on this vacation is that you must have fun, so how you spend your hours on this beautiful, secluded beach is all up to you. Bring your fishing pole and spend a few quiet hours pitting your wits against the fish that call this area home or bring your kiddos and spend some time combing the beaches for shells. Maybe you just need some toes in the sand time, so you will bring your beach chairs and/or towels, a good book and some sunscreen to protect delicate skin from the sun’s rays. Relaxing, reading, letting the ebb and flow of the waters off the beach can be all you need to restore the quiet in your soul and silence the noises in your brain and if you want to bottle these moments to savor when you have returned to real life, turn your phone to video mode and capture the sights and sounds that you will dream about for years to come. 


Find your Joy at Fripp Island Resort 

St. Helena Island is another beautiful South Carolina barrier island that we invite you to take the time to explore, but coming home to Fripp Island and our Fripp Island Resort vacation rentals will truly take your vacation to the next level of wonderful. Offering all the comforts of home, blended with the modern amenities that make travel wonderful, your stay will be everything you dreamed it could be. Reserve your favorite today!