Why Booking Through VRBO or Airbnb on Fripp Island Is Costing You

We’re always eager to educate our guests on the best ways to plan their family vacations! Although, many online booking engines like VRBO or Airbnb have tricked travelers into believing they can find cheaper rates on those sites. We’re here to set the record straight! Many consumers don’t know this, but these online travel agencies are costing your family more when you book through them. Plus, you could be missing out on special deals and amenities. Let’s lay out the facts about booking through VBRO and Airbnb on Fripp Island and allow you to start saving on your travel plans!  

The Truth Behind Booking Through VRBO or Airbnb on Fripp Island 

What You Should Know About Booking Fripp Island Airbnb Rentals  

  1. Online travel agencies like Airbnb charge outrageous service and cleaning fees on top of your room fees. This means you’re getting charged just for using their website to book your stay, and, while the initial prices can appear cheaper, the result could be costing you hundreds of dollars extra. On average, these sites cost an additional 5-12% of your total.  
  2. When booking with websites like Airbnb, you could be missing out on ways to save money on your travels. Here on Fripp Island, we often offer specials and packages that reduce the total cost and allow you to get more out of your trip. Booking direct is the best way to take advantage of these deals!  
  3. We hear that when guests book stays through Airbnb, they often miss the personal connection that can make a vacation so wonderful. Here on Fripp Island, our team of experts is ready to assist you at any time with whatever you may need. Our reservations team knows the properties better than anyone and are available seven days a week. They know the island and surrounding area and can help you experience your vacation like a local.  From specifics about the rental home to the best place to buy fresh local seafood and vegetables, our staff has the answers. Contact us today! 

What You Should Know About Booking Fripp Island VRBO Rentals 

  1. Like Airbnb, you can expect a myriad of hidden fees when booking through VRBO that make your vacation experience more expensive than necessary. Below is an example of the pricing on Fripp Island VRBO rentals versus booking directly with Fripp Island Resort for the same home, the same week! 

VRBO-vs-FIR | $153 Service fee with $2,000 VRBO booking - no fee for booking direct!

2. When booking through VRBO, you’ll always miss out on our specials that are intended to save you money. Booking through Fripp Island Resort means we can share information with you about specials and deals that aren’t advertised on OTA’s.  If you’re on our mailing list you will receive emails with discount specials or holiday packages so not only can you receive a special rate, but you’ll also save even more when you don’t pay the additional booking fees that the OTA’s charge. 

3. Since booking on these OTA sites often avoids personal contact, you may not know who to call if a problem arises during your stay. If you do have a point of contact, they may not be around. Our team here on Fripp Island is always available to assist you and fulfill every need. Plus, you won’t have the chance to make special requests, ask for recommendations ahead of time, and make your stay a breeze 

Book Direct with Fripp Island Resort 

What’s the answer to all these problems? Book direct on our website with Fripp Island Resort! Not only will you find the cheapest prices and save money, but you’ll also get the full, personalized experience of staying on Fripp Island thanks to our team. Check our website today to find our current packages and specials. We can’t wait to host your next vacation on Fripp Island!