Beaches and books, what could be more relaxing? 

How is it already August? Summer will only last a few more weeks, so it’s time to get to the beach and soak up the sun! Our beach on Fripp Island is the perfect place to bring your favorite book and escape into your own paradise. Romance, mystery, murder, and even health and wellness are just a few genres to explore. We have your new best beach reads covered! If you’re looking to visit the South Carolina coast, download your copy of our Vacation Guide. Inside, you’ll find the top attractions in our area. Restaurants, events, local landmarks, and so much more! Now it’s time for the beach reads!   

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Best Beach Reads   


New Favorites  

“More than You’ll Ever Know” by Katie Gutierrez   

If you’re looking to escape into a thriller that will keep you turning the pages, “More than You’ll Ever Know” won’t disappoint! The story follows the double life of Delores Rivera, an international banker living in both Texas and Mexico. This story doesn’t stop there; the plot thickens, and the novel’s second half digs deeper into the story and reveals secrets and even more details!   

“Chill: The Cold-Water Swim Cure”  

Did you know that anxiety can be cured by swimming in cold water? “Chill: The Cold-Water Swim Cure” teaches readers how taking a dip into icy water relieves us from the heat and has many health benefits. Physical ailments such as chronic pain and mental stressors like anxiety can all be treated with a simple swim. Perfect timing for the summer! Change into your favorite suit, and keep swimming!  

“Keya Das’s Second ACT”  

Could an unfinished manuscript change your life? This novel tells the story of a Bengali family who must overcome their pasts and move forward into the future. This story explores the meaning of family, forgiveness, heartbreak, and laughter. This story encompasses the challenges of life in a beautiful and meaningful way. This only begins to tell the story of “Keya Das’s Second ACT.” 

Timeless Classics  

“The Great Gatsby”  

This classic story is on to re-visit again and again. The story of “The Great Gatsby” follows Jay Gatsby and his pursuit of the American Dream. This story contains timeless lessons. Money and success aren’t everything; everyone should pursue the life they genuinely want. Summertime is about slowing down and enjoying your time, so be sure to throw this book in your bag and hit the sand!  

“Dandelion Wine”  

“Dandelion Wine,” set in 1928, follows the summer experiences of a young boy. This book will take you back to a simpler time and remind you of your childhood. A trip down memory lane is sometimes the best way to relax and enjoy a bright summer day. Read this to escape into your past and leave the beach feeling reconnected!   


After adventuring into one of these worlds, return to yours in a Fripp Island Resort Home   

After finishing one of these page-turners and getting a little more sun than you expected, head back to your Fripp Island Resort home and have your every need met. Hungry after all that reading? Try a local restaurant. Are you planning tomorrow’s activities? Find a new excursion to enjoy. We have you covered no matter what you’re in the mood for. Browse our vacation rentals and find your next escape with us!