New Beach Club Menu / Expanded Hours

The new Beach Club dinner menu, wine list, and specialty cocktail list are all receiving great reviews from members and guests. You can view the new menus here. The Beach Club’s summer hours have been expanded to open at 5pm, Tuesday through Saturday. Upon entering the Beach Club, you will notice several upgrades including updated indoor/outdoor furniture, a refresh of the bar area and a new 25-foot umbrella to provide shaded patio-area dining.

Expanded Programming

The Club recently hosted a member-only Cigars Under the Stars event. It was a great evening that will be followed up by additional member-centric gatherings as we move through the balance of the year. Members and guests can also now enjoy an additional nightlife option at “Club Cabana” every Thursday night, starting at 8pm. This adult-only weekly event features fun and dancing under the stars with DJ music and your favorite cocktails. Come join in!

Grub Club Updates

The Grub Club is open and expanding services! What many remember as the “Food Court,” The Grub Club introduces Java Joe’s Coffee, The Smokehouse, Chickies & Fries, and Frippin’ Fresh. Located in the Beach Club circle, we offer a variety of food options to meet everyone’s needs. We also serve a variety of grab and go and take-and-bake options to make serving family a breeze! Open daily from 7am-8pm, come check it out!

Audio Visual Upgrades

We are in the process of replacing most of the Resort’s sound and television systems. Hopefully you have noticed or heard the many new TVs and/or sound system upgrades at the Ocean Point Grille and Pro Shop, Ocean Creek Clubhouse, Fitness Center, Cabana Club and the Olympic Pool. Additional locations are being upgraded over the next few weeks.

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Facility Repairs and Upgrades


Ocean Point Golf Links

·    Painted Exterior (completed February 2023)

·    Replaced and Repaired Exterior Deck (completed February 2023)

·    Relandscaped Clubhouse (completed February 2023)

·    Replaced lighting in restrooms (May February 2023)

·    Outdoor lighting (completed May 2023)

·    Introducing three new brands of clothing – Johnnie O, Turtleson, Tail for Women and lots of fun accessories and sports health bars. (completed May 2023)

·    Installed music and PA system (completed May 2023)

·    New TVs and sound system (completed June 2023)

·    Installing new outdoor fans


Ocean Point Pool

·    Repaired Pool Pump (completed March 2023)

·    Painted Deck (completed March 2023)

·    Remodeled Entrance Showers (completed March 2023)

·    Remodeled Restrooms (completed March 2023)

·    Relandscaped (completed Feb 2023)

·    Added additional lighting (completed April 2023)

·    Paint Pool Gate (completed April 2023)

·    Installed automated chemical equipment (completed April 2023)

·    Fence Repairs (completed May)

·    Added side tables to chairs (completed May 2023)


Ocean Creek Golf Course

·    Painted Club House (completed February 2023)

·    Relandscaped (completed March 2023)

·    Replaced top on Beverage cart (completed May 2023)

·    Introducing three new brands of clothing – Johnnie O, Harelstons, Southern Tides mens and ladies. Tail for Women and lots of fun accessories and sports health bars. (completed May 2023)


Beach Club Restaurant

·    Painted Interior Entrance (completed March 2023)

·    Painted Bathroom Doors (completed March 2023)

·    Replaced Railing on Ocean View Deck (completed March 2023)

·    Painted fences, columns, trellises, bathrooms (completed April 2023)

·    Repaired bar flooring (completed April 2023)

·    Adding new patio chairs (estimated completion May 2023)

·    Added Java Joes pop-up coffee and pastries at the Grub Club (completed April 2023)

·    Added new chairs to Beach Club (completed May 2023)

·    Installed new walk-in freezer (completed May 2023)

·    Added new full patio umbrella (completed June 2023)

·    New china, glass, and silverware (completed June 2023)

·    Refreshed bar area (completed June 2023)

·    New bar stools ordered and arriving soon


Adult Pool & Sandbar

·    Paint Deck (completed March 2023)

·    Repairs to Pool Pump (completed March 2023)

·    Repaired the pool fountain (completed March 2023)

·    Painted Exterior Restrooms on the Greene (completed March 2023)

·    Painted Entire Sandbar (completed April 2023)

·    Added exterior Fans to Sandbar (April 2023)

·    New Stools Purchased (completed April 2023)

·    Added Adirondack Chairs in lawn and Fire pit. (completed April 2023)

·    Painted back fence (completed April 2023)

·    Painted clubhouse patio (completed April 2023)

·    Paint Pool Gate (completed April 2023)

·    Installed automated chemical equipment(completed April 2023)

·    Added side tables to chairs (completed May 2023)

·    Installed new speakers and sound system (completed May 2023)


Olympic Pool

·    Painted Deck (completed March 2023)

·    Replaced Section of Wooden Decking (completed March 2023)

·    Paint Pool Gate (completed May 2023)

·    Rebuild Deck (estimated completion Fall 2023)

·    Installed automated chemical equipment (completed May 2023)

·    Added side tables to chairs (completed May 2023)

·    Added changing table to bathrooms


Marina Pool

·    Painted Deck (completed March 2023)

·    Replaced pool pump (completed March 2023)

·    Paint Pool Gate (estimated completion May 2023)

·    Installed automated chemical equipment

·    Added side tables to chairs (completed May 2023)


Racquet Club

·    Repaired Court 6 (completed March 2023)

·    Installed New Landscaping (completed March 2023)


Cabana Club

·    Ground Down Unleveled Places of Pool Deck (completed February 2023)

·    Repaired Pool Pump (completed March 2023)

·    Painted Club House Deck (completed March 2023)

·    Repaired Pool Heater (completed March 2023)

·    Installed New Restroom Fixtures and Paint Touch Up (estimated completion Summer 2023)

·    Installed New Bar Fixtures for Willie’s Wet Bar (completed March 2023)

·    Painted interior of Cabana Club Grille (completed March 2023)

·    Trimmed trees to open view (completed April 2023)

·    Installed automated chemical equipment (completed April 2023)

·    Added side tables to chairs (completed May 2023)

·    Repaired pool waterfall

·    Installed new speakers and sound system (completed May 2023)

·    New bar stools ordered and arriving soon


Activity Center

·    Paint and patch interior (estimated completion May 2023)

·    Ordered all new Lifejackets & paddles (completed May 2023)

·    Rehomed exotic species to acquire native species (completed April 2023)

·    Repaired damaged siding and roof (completed May 2023)

·    Painted exterior (completed May 2023)

·    Relandscaped and replanted pollinator garden (completed May 2023)


Creek House

·    Painted Floor (completed March 2023)

·    Painted outbuildings (completed May 2023)


Peg Legs

·    Refurbished Bar (completed March 2023)

·    Painted Floors and Trellis (completed March 2023)


Bonito Boathouse

·    Multiple Building Repairs (completed March 2023)

·    Replaced HVAC Duct Work (completed March 2023)

·    Restored pirate photo opportunity (completed April 2023)

·    New Menu (completed April 2023)

·    Repainted all interior and window borders (completed May 2023)


The Grub Club

·    Demoed countertops, painted walls and ceilings (completed April 2023)

·    Install New Equipment (estimated completion May 2023)

·    Grub Club Opened for Service 05/27

·    Installed new speakers and sound system (completed May 2023)

·    Painted outdoor dining tables


Club Office & Business Center

·    Painted Interior (estimated completion June 2023)


Guest Services & Reservations

·    Painted and patched interior offices (completed March 2023)

·    Painted railings, trellis, and stucco wall (completed April 2023)


Fripp Ship

·    Ran Utility Service Lines (completed March 2023)

·    Painted Interior (completed March 2023)

·    Installed New Shop Fixtures (completed March 2023)

·    Installed New Slat Wall (completed April 2023)

·    Installed New Flooring (completed April 2023)

·    Installed New Lighting (completed April 2023)

·    All new apparel and accessories for your shopping pleasure!

·    Repaired entry steps (completed May 2023)

·    Install new speakers and sound system (estimated completion June 2023)


Marina Ship Store

·    Completed refrigeration layout (completed April 2023)

·    Continuing to add new lines and tackle (Ongoing)

·    Bathroom Renovation (estimated completion June 2023)

·    Completed counter renovation (completed April 2023)

·    Added additional Register (completed April 2023)


Island Rentals & Excursions

·    New Fripper Purchased (estimated completion Fall 2024)

·    New Lithium Electric Golf Carts Purchased (estimated completion July 2023)

·    New Bicycles Purchased and currently available for rent

·    Fripper II Sent out for Refurbishment (estimated completion June 2023)

·    Ordered new Phat Scooters for rentals

·    New Pontoons for Fripper II Received



·    Purchased multiple equipment pieces for new food and beverage operations (completed March 2023)

·    New food truck branding and wraps (completed April 2023)

·    Relocate food trucks (estimated completion Fall 2023)

·    Installed new speakers and sound system to Grub Club and Cabana Club Grille (completed June 2023)

·    Installed new televisions and sound system to Ocean Point Grille


Camelot Farms Equestrian Center

·    Purchased all new saddles and saddle pads and bridles (completed April 2023)

·    Purchased all new Helmets (completed April 2023)

·    Repair HVAC (estimated completion May 2023)

·    Repair electrical (estimated completion May 2023)



·    General Landscaping Clean Up and Freshen of all Areas (ongoing)

·    Added new logo door mats at all locations  (completed May 2023)

·    Installed new televisions in Fitness Center

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