Words can’t adequately describe the wonders of nature that make Fripp Island such a glorious destination for wildlife viewing and nature programs. Fripp Island Resort’s photo gallery, on the other hand, is a visual exploration of just some of the island’s inhabitants of the creature variety and the habitats in which they thrive.

From sunrise to sunset the backdrop for capturing photos in the wild will solicit some stiff competition for your camera’s lens as the island’s natural beauty abounds from the beaches to the waterways. Families can create picture book vacation stories to share with your less fortunate friends and family who couldn’t make it this year.

Chances are they will want to join you next year when you return to capture not only more photo memories but to also dive deeper into the information and history of this most seaward South Carolina barrier island.

We recommend visiting the island with not only your friends and family but also your camera equipped with extra, fully charged batteries in order to capture the natural wonders that will surely make your Fripp Island vacation worthy of story-telling for generations to come. See through your own lens why Fripp is THE premiere destination among all of South Carolina Resorts.

Would you like to see your photo on the pages of the 2020 Fripp Island Calendar? Then enter your favorite photo from 2020-2021 in the Fripp Island Calendar Photo Contest and try to win your place in calendar history!


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