Fripp Island is a premier destination right off the coast of South Carolina. From the pristine beaches to spas and great culinary creations, it is indeed the perfect place to escape the day-to-day chaos and unwind!

If you have been wanting to visit for some time, one key question on your mind might be the accommodation options. Fripp Island Golf & Beach Resort offers an assortment of vacation rentals to choose from that suit just about any budget. Similar to a hotel stay, staying at Fripp Island Resort gives all the benefits of a hotel plus the comforts of home!

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Hotel Accommodation Choices on Fripp Island

Vacation rentals are the most in-demand type of accommodation on the island. Vacation rentals are ideal over standard hotel options because:

  • Privacy: With a rental property, you get more privacy than you would your average hotel. Whether you are here with the family, on a couple’s retreat, or a romantic getaway, you do not want to share walls, elevators, and deal with loud neighbors. Instead, you can soak up the beach life as if you were a local.
  • More Space: Why feel cramped on your vacation when you can have a place to unwind, stretch out, and put your stuff down without tripping over open luggage?
  • A More Comfortable Stay: When you have a house or apartment, you feel more at home during your stay. You have a full kitchen and place to accommodate the entire family without sharing rooms and having a mini kitchen in the same room as your sleeping quarters.
  • Pets Can Come: Hotels do not let you bring along the family pet, but a vacation rental on Fripp Island is often pet-friendly, which means everyone in your household is more than welcome.
  • Premier Locations without the Chaos: Hotels are convenient because they are often in the thick of all attractions, but with that comes the noise and traffic. With a private vacation rental, you have the entire property to yourself, but you are also located close to the views, water, and eateries.
  • Bring the Entire Family: Save on the cost of your rental by bringing a group and still have room to spare. Many of the vacation rentals on Fripp Island include five or more bedrooms, tons of living space, and a lot of them are parked right on the beach.

Fripp Island Golf & Beach Resort is your go-to for great vacation rentals with ocean views, plenty of room, and all the amenities you would ever need for a comfortable holiday. While you are browsing our selection of vacation rentals and the latest properties, take advantage of our multiple ways to save.

Book direct with our service and get exclusive discounts, or view our specials for seasonal discounts that apply to your next trip. If you plan to host a beach wedding or renew your vows, our vacation rentals give you that honeymoon privacy you want while staying right next to the beach.

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