Three Fascinating Facts About Fripp Island in the Movies

Anyone who has visited the Lowcountry and the area around Fripp can attest to its natural beauty and landscape. While it normally attracts beachgoers and lovers of all things sand and sea it has also attracted multiple filmmakers over the years. Like many of our lifelong visitors, film crews have fallen in love with the island’s one-of-a-kind backdrops. If you’re looking to navigate Fripp Island just like your favorite movie characters, allow us to show you the way with our free Vacation Guide Here are the top appearances of Fripp Island in the movies! 

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Fripp Island in the Movies: Three Little-Known Facts About Movies that Changed the Island 

Fripp’s Stellar Appearance on Forrest Gump 

Forrest Gump is a classic that just about everyone has seen. You may have heard the silly catchphrase, “life is like a box of chocolates, you just never know what you’re going to get,” and, of course, “run, Forrest, run!” Although the movie is set in Alabama, most of the scenes portraying Alabama were actually filmed in Beaufort, SC, and on Fripp Island. A few of the scenes you may recall include, Forest being interviewed by reporters while crossing the downtown Woods Memorial Bridge, and the shrimp boat scenes from Gay Seafood. One of our favorite scenes is when Forrest tries his hand at shrimping. These scenes were filmed around Fripp, Hunting Island, and the Port Royal Landing, and the boat used for those scenes was actually named “Miss Sherri,” but of course, in the movie, it’s called “Jenny.” Although it’s been many years since the movie’s remarkable premier, you can still visit local spots like Gay Seafood and The Fripp Island Volunteer Fire Department to see a picture of a young, smiling Tom Hanks on Fripp Island.  

Fripp Island Beaches Were the Backdrop in Prince of Tides 

Many will remember Nick Nolte’s performance as Tom Wingo in Prince of Tides. Fittingly, Pat Conroy wrote the original book and drew inspiration from Fripp Island. Pat owned a house on Fripp Island for many years, that’s why some believe that Fripp Island’s beautiful beaches are a prominent part of the story’s backdrop. The film crew wanted a beach that resembled a classic setting, and Fripp’s long sandy stretches and great width at low tide were the perfect match! Although many years have passed, and the boat used in several scenes at Gay Seafood on St. Helena Island has seen a great deal of wear and tear, you can still see it today!  

Before Ocean Creek Was a Golf Course it Was the Setting for The Jungle Book  

Many residents from the early nineties remember the filming of The Jungle Book because of the abundance of exotic animals brought to the island during this time. From elephants to tigers, these fascinating creatures created the appearance of a deep Indian jungle. Part of what would eventually become the Ocean Creek Course was the setting for the jungle scenes. Of course, the area looked much different back then. In fact, William S. Murray III who worked on the film says, “they chose to shoot on Fripp Island because they had permission to burn and blow up just about anything since it was all scheduled to be bulldozed anyway to build the golf course.” 

Experience Fripp Island Just Like Your Favorite Characters 

The lasting impacts these films had on the island remain, which means you can create your very own memories in the same locations you’ve seen on the big screen. While you take in all the island’s natural beauty, walk the same paths and enjoy the same views as your favorite actors and movie characters. To make your visit to the island extra special stay at Fripp Island Golf & Beach Resort. Our remarkable portfolio of island homes features a wide variety of vacation rentals that you’ll get to call home during your stay. Whether you choose to stay oceanside, on the marsh, or close to the golf course, we know you’ll find just the right space to enjoy your getaway.  

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