Capturing the Wonders of Fripp

If you’re coming to Fripp, it’s not a bad idea to travel with a camera in hand. The uniqueness of our island provides so many photo opportunities, some quite literally out of our wildest dreams. With an abundance of wildlife and scenery you’re sure to capture something incredible. Below you can read about one of Fripp’s treasured residents who is a devoted photographer of the island.



Kelly Taylor

If you have the privilege of living on Fripp Island, you’ve likely heard of or met Kelly Taylor. More often than not you’ll see her strolling around in a golf cart with her mom, her dog, and a Cannon camera strapped around her neck.

Originally from Richmond, VA, Kelly and her family moved to Fripp about 12 years ago. They have lived in many places such as Alabama, Delaware, Illinois, and Minnesota. After visiting friends who lived on the island, they fell in love and decided to make Fripp their home.

Sunset After Sunset

Following the move to Fripp, Kelly discovered her love for photography. With a home near the 13th hole at Ocean Creek, she has an infinite amount of sunsets at her disposal and she doesn’t hesitate to capture every one she sees. Sharp silhouettes of trees and water sitting in the foreground of her images are illuminated by dazzling colors. From deep reds to soft purples, every kind of sunset you can imagine is captured flawlessly.

Magnolia Blossom

Her dog Magnolia Blossom, a Boykin Spaniel, is the designated state dog of South Carolina. Kelly loves taking photos of Magnolia, although Magnolia does have a tiny bit of trouble staying still. From running on the beach to snoozing on the couch, Magnolia is the star of the show. She’s an island favorite, making friends with everyone she meets, including Ocean Point Pro Shop’s Todd Strattan. Magnolia is the picture perfect example of women’s best friend.

Where Wild Things are Found

As a wildlife photographer among many of the other things she photographs, some of Kelly’s photos feature the beloved wildlife of the island. From preying eyes breaking the surface of a pond to curious deer that peek up as you pass by, she captures perfect moments of many different animals. One of her favorite shots is Loggerhead hatchlings scurrying their way across the sand into the great blue. Some nights during the summer she joins the Fripp Island Loggerhead Patrol. Just before dusk they make their rounds for turtle inventory. Occasionally while they inventory nests they’ll find hatchlings that have yet to emerge, making the ultimate photo opp.

As viewers looking in awe, we definitely don’t mind the continuous flow of Fripp Island pictures that Kelly shares with the world. Some photos we’ve shared in the blog, but if your astonished eyes would like to see more click on the link!