View Spectacular Sunsets on Fripp Island

A well-deserved trip to scenic Fripp Island, South Carolina is always something for travelers to look forward to enjoying! Here, you can spend ample time on the sand, getting out on the waves in style or shopping and dining your way through a stay. But for all of the fun your itinerary entails, sometimes it’s the very first and last activities on the list that prove most unforgettable. To that end, Fripp Island is a top destination for those who are looking to enjoy watching the sun rise and set in spectacular and colorful style. The following are a few of the destinations on Fripp Island where sunrise and sunset viewing are truly one-of-a-kind.

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Wardle’s Landing Pier

Often enjoyed by those who are looking to make the most of Fripp Island’s lucrative crabbing opportunities, Wardle’s Landing Pier is also a must-visit locale when you’re looking to enhance your sunset viewing experiences during your stay! This locale is found on the south end of the island and provides unsurpassed views out over Skull Inlet. Bring friends and family along for this exciting experience at sunset and don’t forget your camera either. Wardle’s Landing Pier is the perfect place to settle in for the evening and enjoy watching the sun go down while dolphins drift by as well.

Enjoy Marsh Views at Their Very Best

Fripp Island is home to a collection of colorful and lush salt marshes that are found just between the saltwater and land masses. These marshes host rich coastal ecosystems and often include tidal creeks throughout. Many Fripp Island marshes are found on the back side of the greater island and experience high tides twice daily in a space filled with cordgrass, fish, and birds. While there are many nature tours offered through the marshes, they also prove to be an amazing place to take in a sunset or two. Peaceful and serene, the salt marshes provide an idyllic destination for savoring the sights of changing sky and watercolors each evening. Whether you head out independently or link up with a tour group, this is a sunset watching experience to make sure you enjoy at least once while you’re here.

Savor a Spectacular Beach Sunrise

Just as inspiring as the sunset on Fripp Island is the sunrise you can enjoy at the start of each day. A picture-perfect place to take in a sunrise while you’re here is the beach located opposite the marina. There’s nothing as refreshing as starting the day early, strolling the sand, looking for shells, and waiting for the sun to rise. It’s bound to be a beautiful moment, and well worth having your camera in hand for.

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