A Valentines Day Getaway

Time to Plan Now

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!  Have you made plans to surprise your significant other? Maybe take them out to eat?  A gift?  What about a trip to the beach for a relaxing couple’s getaway?  I hope you’re thinking the latter because we have the perfect slice of heaven for you and your loved one!

Imagine walking hand in hand down an empty beach as the sun begins to set in the distance.  Sure, there may be a few others in the distance, but as far as beaches go it might be one of the quietest beaches in the southeast this time of year.   One of the only few noticeable noises is the Atlantic Ocean lapping gently at the shore and perhaps a seagull singing off in the distance.   Sand, sea, and Fripp are what memories, and for that matter, dreams are made of.

Back at your villa you freshen up and contemplate your night ahead.  Will it be a long golf cart ride on the island?  A trip to Ocean View for a cocktail?  The Beach Club Valentines Dinner?  Probably all three and more, because that’s what it’s all about at Fripp, going your own speed.  You can choose from kayaking, tennis, golf, biking, and a long list of nature activities or choose to simply do nothing.  Just stretch out on the beach with a book and forget about the outside world for a bit.   Let the only thing on your mind be what you will have for dinner and where that golf cart will take you later.