Summer at Fripp


Summer is fast approaching this year and things are finally starting to heat up.   The phones are ringing and guests are booking their summer getaways to get a little slice of heaven.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Fripp is a tradition unlike any other and year after year, Fripp helps create lasting family memories for thousands of guests.


Past guests know the feeling of anticipation leading up to their Fripp vacation.  Wherever you may come from, the drive to Fripp is one of excitement and adventure for parents and kids of all ages.  I remember as a kid, driving down from Columbia in the summer, that the one thing that told me we were close was when my father would roll down the window and the hot and humid salty air of the Lowcountry filled the car.  You’d pull up to the house and after everyone is settled in, you would step out on the porch and that humid salt air would be so still and quiet.  In the distance, you’d hear the low hum of the cicadas, a backdrop for any Lowcountry night and before you knew it wherever you had come from was a distant memory and you were on vacation.



The reason so many guests come to Fripp during the summer is the wide range of activities for every member of the family.   The Activity Center does a great job of keeping children entertained at Camp Fripp and with its many activities from Tie-Dye to the Golf Cart Scavenger Hunt which is a blast and shows you the whole island.  Kids and parents alike also love the wonderful nature tours provided by the staff at the Activity Center that include the gator walk, birding, shelling and a variety of other tours.


For adults, we have great hangouts like the Adult Pool and adjoining Sandbar which is a great place to grab a drink.  In our Adult Pool area, we host a variety of activities such as a Cornhole Tournament, Giant Beer Pong and live entertainment for the perfect entertainment on a summer day.  Down the boardwalk ask our Beach Hut employees to take a chair and umbrella to the beach for the perfect beach day.  For the artsy types, we have Canvas and Cabernet which is a great way to unwind and paint your masterpiece.  Whatever it is you enjoy, you will find a wide assortment of activities to occupy your time throughout your stay with us.



Fripp is really the perfect place for the whole family to get together and enjoy an assortment of activities.  Our summer events include Dodgeball, Family Fun Night, Karaoke, Poolside Bingo, Sunset Pool Party and, a favorite, Trivia Night.  Family at Fripp is important to us at the resort and we recognize that summer vacations wouldn’t be the same without the whole family at your side and we do our best to provide as many activities as possible.


The bottom line is there is something for everyone at Fripp Island from the kids to the adults and the whole family together.   Our island is perfect for a fun-filled summer getaway for people from all walks of life.  After all, Fripp wouldn’t be the same without all of our wonderful guests and we look forward to seeing you this summer!