Seafood Markets Near Fripp Island 

There are many journeys you will take in your lifetime, but perhaps the most satisfying one will be the journey you take to Fripp Island. Offering long days where you don’t have to fill every minute doing things you are supposed to do, but rather long days filled with fun. Laughter, and all the delicious seafood you can eat will make your vacation one you will never be able to forget, checking out the different seafood markets in the area and bringing home your bounty to enjoy in the kitchens of our Fripp Island Resort vacation rentals; this guide will help you fill your belly with the best seafood in the state as your heart fills with love over the beauty that surrounds you. Stop in to one of these seafood markets near Fripp Island on your next stay.

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Rusty Crabs, 62 Hickory Hill Road, St. Helena Island 

Starting strong, Rusty Crabs offers the freshest blue crabs in town, selling their guest the creatures that were just walking around on sea bottom hours ago and if you try to say that you’re not really a crab person, it is only because you have never tried the ones served at this St. Helena hot spot. It’s not fancy, no truly excellent seafood market ever is, but when you bring home the clawed creatures, pop them into a pot of boiling water with a little old bay seasoning, some potatoes, sausage, and corn cob halves, you will think you are biting into heaven. 


Sea Eagle Market, 2149 Boundary Street, Beaufort 

Hollywood adores Beaufort, using its idyllic landscape for some of the best movies ever made including Forrest Gump and Something to Talk About, but when we think of Beaufort, we don’t think about the movies. Instead, we think about the seafood that we enjoy from the Sea Eagle Market, family owned and operated and specializing in everything that swims beneath the surface of the waters that surround us.  


CJ Seafood Express, 1421 Ribaut Road, Port Royal 

This charming roadside “shack” perhaps represents the lowcountry more than any other of the markets listed on this page, selling fresh and local seafood from the humble confines of a charming little barn sitting just off Ribaut Road. At CJ Seafood Express, coolers hold the fruits of the sea and when the cooler empties, they cross that item off the menu.  


Gay Fish Co, 1948 Sea Island Parkway, St. Helena Island 

Just as people have been doing since the 1500s, we are heading back to St. Helena Island, this time to visit the Gay Fish Co. We are known for our fresh and delicious seafood here in South Carolina, especially the local shrimp, and the Gay Fish Co is where we go when we want to bring that shrimp home to our own dining tables. Locally owned the boats go out each day, coming back to the docks of St. Helena Island to be enjoyed by all who shop at their store. 


The Meals you will Eat 

Vacations are remembered for many reasons, including the food that was enjoyed during the trip and the seafood dinners you will devour in our Fripp Island Resorts vacation homes will taste even better because of the comfort and luxuries found in your surroundings. Reserve your favorite today!