Our Favorite Farmers Markets Near Fripp Island

There’s a simple joy that can be found in a visit to a local farmers market. Searching for the perfect assortment of locally grown fruits and vegetables to take home and enjoy is a great way to start a day. We want to take our Fripp Island Resort guests on a tour of local farmers markets, offering another way to fill the pantries and refrigerators of your home sweet vacation home on Fripp Island. Explore these farmers markets near Fripp Island to get a true taste of the South Carolina lowcountry.

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Port Royal Farmers Market, Ribaut Road & Pickney Boulevard, Saturday’s 9-12 

Offering a similar vibe to the one you can find at a small town county fair, the Port Royal Farmers Market offers our favorite way to kill a few hours on a Saturday morning before you check-in and allows you to stock up on local produce. Local farms bring out their best organic produce, local flower farmers offer beautiful flowers that will look stunning set out in a vase on the table of your Fripp Island Resort property, and everyone will greet guests with a smile on their faces. This farmers market is open year round. 


St. Helena’s Farmers Market, 360 Crane Avenue in Crane Park, Fridays 7:30-Noon 

The St. Helena Farmers Market has been an area tradition since they first started setting out tables and canopies in 1986, with some of the original vendors still setting up shop! Offering live music to accompany your shopping escapades, their wares are similar to all other farmers markets, including local produce, homemade baked goods, and also providing locally created artisan goods that will make charming gifts or souvenirs. This farmers market is a seasonal one, opening its gates in May and closing down for the year in October. 


Downtown Beaufort Farmers Market, Behind the Santa Elena Museum off Bay Street, Wednesdays 2-6 PM 

Dining is an experience that tempts all the senses, for example, let’s take a look at a loaf of bread sold at the Beaufort Farmers Market. The hard outer shell complements the softness inside, the yeasty smell will make you salivate, its simple beauty will tell if it is has been baked perfectly (and these loaves all have!) and its taste will transport you straight to the heavens. The wares sold at this farmers market aren’t unlike the others we have mentioned, but there will be fresh eggs and magical Brunswick stew just waiting to be purchased and the soaps and bath products will add a softness to your vacation adventures. 


Bring Home Your Treasures to Fripp Island Resort 

You aren’t going to want to cook every meal during your South Carolina getaway, but won’t it be nice knowing that when you do, the ingredients you use will be locally sourced and healthy? Reserve your favorite rental today and bring home your goodies to Fripp Island Resort.