Fripp Island Weather is Pretty Much Perfect

Looking for a tropical paradise located in the lower 48? Look no further than our own Fripp Island,  South Carolina sea island just 18 miles east of Beaufort. Fripp Island weather is semi-tropical with highs ranging in the high 80’s during the balmy summer months and dipping down to the extremely mild 60’s during winter months that put most of the country into the deep freeze.  There is really never a bad time to visit Fripp Island when you are looking for great weather.

Fripp Island is graced with elegant Palmetto trees and lavish tropical foliage leading to its gently sloping beach that is swept continuously by refreshing trade winds. This perfect profile ensures Fripp’s idyllic mild climate that visitors flock to enjoy all year round.

Summer is the rainy season, but there is so much sunshine and perfect blue skies over our shimmering water, the rain only serves to refresh and rejuvenate allowing for time to shop or explore before returning to the beach.

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Great Weather – Colorful History

Fripp Island has a colorful history as a haven for weary pirates; its perfect climate and pleasing topography serving as a quiet oasis for those seeking their treasure on the high seas. Fripp Island was deeded to Captain Johannes Fripp, a swashbuckling privateer who was hired by the British to help defend its encampment located in nearby Beaufort against the marauding Spanish and French. Fripp Island was his reward for helping the British stave off the enemy forces, leading to the eventual British colonization of this southeastern territory.

This same lush haven that was a holiday mecca for seafaring pirates now boasts some of the finest championship golf courses and pristine beaches in the world. Additionally the mild temperatures allow for visitors to play tennis outdoors all year and the nearby marina offers multiple charter opportunities for fishing, boating and kayaking. Take a cruise on the pontoon boat Fripper II to get up close and personal with the lush plant and wildlife that surround the Island. Visitors may also take advantage of the perfect temperatures to explore the Island via bicycle, scooter, golf cart, via a paddleboard tour or even on foot. This time of year offers guests a chance to witness Fripp’s island turtle conservation programs in action. These efforts will help preserve these truly unique and special species for generations to come.




Enjoy the last vestiges of summer here on Fripp Island. The weather is ideal and there are endless activities that will get you out and about to enjoy our own slice of paradise.

Whether you are looking for an intimate villa for a quick getaway or are seeking to call a sprawling luxury home your own, Fripp Island Gulf & Beach Resort has the perfect South Carolina Coast vacation home for you. Check our properties to find that getaway at a phenomenal price that will make your island paradise memories even more memorable.

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