Fripp Island Family Friendly Easter

Planning an Easter Trip?

Does your family go somewhere every year for Easter or maybe this is the year you want to start a tradition of doing so? You’re ready to begin planning and searching for that perfect family-friendly Easter getaway, the one that has everything to keep a family entertained from the kids to Dad and Mom. You look toward Charleston and see all the new construction and bustling crowds and think how much you used to love it before everyone else discovered it. You look South to Savannah to find much of the same hustle and bustle that is not conducive to a family Easter getaway.  Without meaning to you have overlooked a hidden gem situated on the Atlantic Ocean, Fripp Island.

You’ve been hearing Beaufort’s name written into travel magazines over the past couple years with ever more frequency. It has that family-friendly small-town charm that you’ve been missing for years in a beach town.  Just down the road, on a long stunning white sand beach, you find it. Fripp Island, a sub-tropical paradise for the whole family. If you’re new to Fripp you will be overwhelmed by the relatively natural state it has been kept in. Deer roam the island freely. Our wonderful nature center boasts a collection of snakes, alligators and, turtles that both kids and grown-ups love.  The pre-historic looking great oaks twist their way all over the island and seem to be interconnected in a way that leaves you in awe of the beauty of this place.

Easter Activities at Fripp Island

As for Easter week at Fripp, you will find a wide range of activities for the whole family.  Hey we all love our kids, but Mom and Dad could use a little time to themselves, right? Camp Fripp includes themed outdoor activities for the kids as well as games and arts and crafts.  If you really want to make a memory that’ll last a lifetime, Fripp will have the Easter Bunny personally deliver Easter baskets to put a smile on your kids’ faces.  The Beach Club is the location for an Easter Magic Show by Magic Gary and Breakfast with the Easter Bunny that will leave them with a permanent grin for days to come. Finally, get everyone around the table Sunday at our Easter Brunch.

Golf Carts – The Best Way to Explore

Newcomers to Fripp will find that the main mode of transportation is the golf cart. Go on our golf cart scavenger hunt that will take you and the kids all over Fripp learning lots as you try to locate landmarks around the island.  A golf cart ride on Fripp is its own experience, even with no destination in mind at all.  Leave your driveway with no idea where you’re headed, just knowing you’re cruising the salt and sun soaked land that is Fripp Island. This is relaxation at its best.

On the Water

For those looking for a more aquatic experience, rent a boat from our excursions team. Looking for something a little more active? Take one of our Kayak Tours guided by our Master Naturalist Jessica.  She’ll show you the untouched natural beauty of the Lowcountry waters and nearby Pritchards Island.  Pritchards Island itself is several hundred feet from Fripp but completely uninhabited and designated a nature preserve, ensuring its serenity.  As you walk its beach, shelling along the way, you will see the twisted, downed trees bleached by the sun. These are the experiences that make for memories that will forever be etched into your mind.

Family Memories that Last Forever

In the end it is up to you to decide what makes Fripp special and what your favorite experience is.  The one promise we can make is that you will have some of the most unforgettable memories on this island. You will want to return again and again.  This is the kind of place that will take you in as family from the start, draw you into its exotically relaxing world and be the site of family traditions for years to come.