A Fall Vacation to Fripp Island

Autumn is a great time to visit the South Carolina beaches

Many visitors consider the fall season to be among the best times to visit Fripp Island and the South Carolina beaches. A fall vacation combines all the enjoyment of a coast vacation with many extra benefits including some great deals!

Fewer People

With the kids back in school, getting away to the South Carolina coast after Labor Day provides a unique opportunity to enjoy the Fripp Island resort and beach area.

Golf is always a popular activity, but during the fall, good tee times are more available.  Tennis is also year-round sport on Fripp Island and with fewer people, court and lesson availability is better.  You can easily book your favorite activities and still have plenty of time left over for just hanging out by the ocean.

During the fall, it can sometimes seem that you have the beach to yourself.  Our three and a half miles of white sand beach provide plenty of opportunity for solitude or for connecting with those you care about.

Perfect Weather

High temperatures average from the high 80s after Labor Day to the upper 70s throughout most of October.  Enjoying the beach and consistently pleasant temperatures is one of the things that keep fall guests returning year after year!

Great Dining

Of course, the food is always good on Fripp Island!  And during the fall, reservations are more plentiful at your favorite places.  From the Cabana Club to Bonito Boathouse, great food awaits you in a more relaxed atmosphere.


Fall fishing provides not only good weather but exceptional fishing for reds, specs, flounder and bull reds.  Bull reds can average 25 – 30 pounds! Autumn really is a great time for fishing on the South Carolina coast.  For some, though, the enjoyment of fishing may not have much to do with catching any fish.  Just getting away and enjoying the beautiful weather may be reward enough!


Peace and Quiet

Perhaps one of the most important things to enjoy during the fall is the peace and quiet.  After a busy summer, filled with the 4th of July and Labor Day celebrations, family trips and just plain working, it might be fun to just ‘chill’ for a while with a good book on the warm sand. Fewer people on the beach make fall a terrific time to rejuvenate.

Special Resort Pricing

If these reasons aren’t enough to have you setting up your fall escape today, here is one more reason: Special Fall Pricing!  Fall visitors can take advantage of special pricing, reduced resort pricing and other deals to make a fall vacation more affordable.  Visit at the Deals page and find out about current specials and to learn what sort of deal Fripp Island can offer!

A Fall Vacation is a Perfect Way to Rest and Recharge

Low crowds, great weather and special pricing complete the fall vacation trifecta!  So, look at your calendar, review the available rental properties on Fripp Island and book your fall vacation today. We look forward to seeing you!

Have questions?  Contact us at 888-741-8974. We will be happy to help arrange the perfect fall getaway.