Calling All Snowbirds – Fly Away to Fripp Island Resort

It’s official. The deep freeze is settling in. Winter has arrived with all of its blustery bravado. Leaving the house takes an extra half hour because you have to squeeze into your multiple layers of wool and down. Just walking to the car becomes an adventure in self-preservation to keep from an unplanned pirouette on the ice. You have to warm the car up for five minutes in order to drive five.

It doesn’t have to be this way! Unfurl your wings and join the other snowbirds who are flocking south this very minute 3 1/2 miles of sandy beaches, lush green golf courses and please water. Where is this paradise you ask? Why it’s all waiting for you on Fripp Island Resort of course!

Winter is the perfect time to plan your escape to Fripp. Seasoned snowbirds know that the big, unruly crowds are huddled together around their fireplaces and electric heaters in the northern climes. Meanwhile, our island awaits with it’s mild, semi-tropical climate with average temperatures in the low 60’s. Love the water? Now is the perfect time to charter yourself a boat at our Fripp Island Marina and enjoy a day of fishing.

If you enjoy a bit of learning with your relaxing, venture on over to Beaufort and its National Historic Landmark District. Feel like a throwback in time when you visit Beaufort’s historical Colonial and Antebellum architecture, dating all the way back to the 1700’s, huge oak trees draped in picturesque Spanish Moss and the impressive natural vistas offering amazing views.

Beaufort has many wonderful museums, fine dining venues and shops and is home to the famous Hunting Island Lighthouse.

Like swinging a club? Fripp Island Resort is close to some of South Carolina’s very finest world-class golf courses. Whether you opt for the spectacular Ocean Point which offers amazing views from every hole or Ocean Creek, which will challenge your skills and delight your senses, you will feel like a PGA star playing these magnificent courses.


There are so many things to do and see on Fripp Island, one visit won’t be enough! If you all your heart desires is simply to tour the island by foot or by golf cart and view the deer, and other wildlife, we’ve got you covered. Bird fancying snowbirds will delight in getting out their Big Book Of Birds and viewing close up our amazing range of wild bird visitors. Regardless of your fancy, you will enjoy every minute of your time shedding the winter cold on our island. We offer great monthly rates January – March, so there is no need to fly away home! Find out why Fripp Island is the perfect landing spot for all snowbirds, whether they have feathers or fedoras.