4th of July Traditions on Fripp Island

What does the 4th of July look like on Fripp Island? Independence Day on the beach is a little bit different, a little slower, but still loaded with lots of fun, celebration time and activities you can only find here.

For the weeks before and after the 4th we’ll have plenty of family fun for you to enjoy.

Our fun includes our famous (to us anyway!) golf cart parade, sports tournaments, an Arts & Crafts show, kid’s carnival, fireworks and so much more. Our theme for this year’s golf cart parade is Rolling through the Decades!

We have extra special activities this week in addition to our normal jam-packed summer weeks.

Lots of families have been coming here for decades and we hope you’ll join us and make July 4th at Fripp Island one of your family traditions.


The Best Things about Independence Day on the Island

Every area has its own unique way to observe Independence Day. Here on the Island, we bring a relaxed family atmosphere to a traditional 4th of July celebration and throw in a few special touches of our own.

From parades to fireworks, we have the traditions covered. Toss in a golf cart parade, beach picnics and unusual arts and crafts and you have a celebration that could only take place on the island. So, check out the Fripp Island 4th of July festivities and make your plans to join us for a day of family fun. Or plan a longer stay and extend your vacation!


Here is our list of the best things about July 4 on Fripp Island:

You Can Stay all Day

July 4th is a perfect day to celebrate on the beach and staying all day is a great way to bring the family together. Knowing that you have all day is the best part!



A time-honored beach tradition, building sandcastles on the beach brings people together to create their own masterpieces. You don’t even have to drive, pay admission or compete for parking! Just walk to the beach, find some soft, wet sand and get started.




Fripp Island Golf Cart Parade on the 4th of July

The Fripp Island Golf Cart Parade is a unique twist to the traditional march down main street! Since golf carts are a preferred method of getting around on the island, a golf cart parade fits the atmosphere. This is something to see and starts at 9:00am, leaving you plenty of time for lounging on the beach.



What would the 4th be without a picnic? And how good would that picnic be on the island? Whether enjoyed on the beach or in the comfort of your vacation rental, a proper Independence Day lunch is just a natural part of the festivities.


Arts and Crafts

Join us for our own arts and crafts party! Learn how to make candles, seashell wreath, beaKids Carnival to celebrate the 4th of July on Fripp Islandch magnets and more! Check the Events Calendar for more information.




Kids Carnival

Kicking off at 10:00 am, the Kids Carnival has amusements and interesting things for the younger crowd.



The highlight of the day, the 4th of July Fireworks show starts at 9:00pm. There is nothing like enjoying the fireworks on the beach with family and friends.
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